Date Notice
2019-07-16 Minutes of Meeting of Anti Ragging Squad
2019-07-13 Students Hostel Advisory Committee
2019-06-14 Student Counseling Committee
2019-06-06 Disciplinary Committee (Academic Year 2019-20)
2019-06-03 Anti Ragging Committee
2019-06-03 Anti Ragging Squad
2019-04-03 Nomination of Dy. Controller of Examination
2019-02-26 Time Table Committee
2018-12-08 JYC Student Office Bearer
2018-11-22 Composition of Governing Council
2018-10-20 JYC Student Office Bearer
2018-10-08 Composition of Academic Council
2018-10-08 Appointment of Controller of Examination
2018-09-26 Committee for Complaints against Caste Based Discrimination
2018-07-23 Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)
2018-07-16 Minutes of the Meeting of Anti Ragging Squad
2018-06-25 Constitution of Disciplinary Committee
2018-06-20 JUIT Hostel Administration
2018-06-12 Standing Committee to Receive Complaints Against Sexual Harassment
2018-06-12 Composition of Academic Council
2018-06-12 Anti Ragging Committee
2018-06-11 Constitution of Equal Opportunity Committee
2018-06-11 Anti Ragging Squad
2018-06-04 Revision of Teaching Assistantship for M.Tech and Ph.D. Scholars
2018-05-23 Showing of T3 answer sheets
2018-05-14 Constitution of Grievance Redressal Committee
2018-04-26 Training Diaries Available
2018-04-26 Registration - Summer Semester 2018
2018-04-26 Pre-Registration - ODD Semester 2018
2018-02-23 Constitution of Grievance Redressal and Disciplinary Committee
2018-02-23 Constitution of Equal Opportunity Committee
2018-02-10 Medical Leave for Students
2018-02-08 Notification Regarding Attendance
2018-02-08 Appointment of Web Master
2018-01-18 MHRD directive for Skill Testing, Jobs and Internships for all students
2017-12-27 Important Changes in Evaluation System
2017-11-06 Composition of Committee for Implementing Digital Action Plan
2017-09-08 Hostel Seats Available
2017-09-01 Constitution of Grievance and Disciplinary Committee
2017-09-01 Constitution of Grievance & Redressal Committee
2017-09-01 Composition of the IQAC
2017-09-01 Composition of Governing Council
2017-09-01 Composition of Finance Committee
2017-09-01 Composition of Executive Council
2017-09-01 Composition of Academic Council
2017-07-28 National Academic Depository Cell
2017-07-15 Anti Ragging Squad
2017-07-15 Anti Ragging Committee
2017-07-01 Composition of IQAC
2017-02-04 Composition of the Governing Council
2016-12-28 Robotics & Embedded Systems Lab has been established
2016-12-21 Composition of the Board of TIEDC
2016-12-17 Standing Enquiry Committee
2016-12-17 Proctorial Board of the University
2016-12-14 Students Debar List Odd Semester 2016
2016-12-13 Registration for Condensed Semester Students
2016-12-13 Pre-Registration for Even Semester 2017
2016-12-13 Notice for Students Proceeding to University of Florida
2016-12-13 Allotment of Hostel Seats
2016-10-05 Composition of the Finance Committee
2016-10-05 Composition of the Executive Council
2016-10-05 Composition of the Academic Council
2016-09-05 Composition of the IQAC
2016-08-11 Standing Committee to Receive Complaints Against Sexual Harassment
2016-07-15 Anti Ragging Committee
2016-07-02 Notification
2016-05-28 Students Debar List Even Semester 2015-16
2016-05-19 Training Diaries
2016-05-19 Appeal - Save Water
2016-05-16 Pre-Registration - Odd Semester 2016
2016-04-14 Change in Student Summer Vacation
2016-02-09 Students De-registered
2016-01-21 Late Registration
2015-12-17 Registration - Condensed Semester
2015-11-20 Pre-Registration - Even Semester 2016
2015-10-13 Standing Committee to Receive Complaints Against Sexual Harassment
2015-09-29 Holiday on 3rd Oct., 2015 and in lieu 10th Oct. 2015 will be full working day..
2015-09-17 Procedure in case of Student being absent in specified Examination(s)
2015-09-17 Attendance Requirements
2015-08-21 students have been de-registered since they have not registered till date.
2015-08-07 Appointment of Faculty In-Charge JYC and Coordinator Training & Placement
2015-08-03 Nodal Officer for Students Facilitation Services
2015-07-18 Standing Committee to Receive Complaints Against Sexual Harassment
2015-07-18 Anti Ragging Committee - 2015
2015-07-04 Online Registration through WEBKIOSK for Supplementary Exam
2015-06-05 Celebration of International Yoga Day 21st June 2015
2015-06-02 Summer Semester Notice
2015-06-01 Appointment of Nodal Officer
2015-05-29 Summer Semester Courses for BTDD 2011 Batch
2015-05-23 Summer Semester & Improvement of Grades
2015-05-19 First year students to vacate the hostel rooms by 26th May, 2015
2015-05-19 Final year students to vacate the hostel rooms by 30th May, 2015
2015-05-18 Summer Semester 2015
2015-05-18 Farewell Dinner - Batch Passing out in 2015
2015-05-04 Supplementary Exam Notice
2015-04-27 Appointment of Director and Academic Head
2015-04-14 Found gold ear ring
2015-04-13 Students are to complete their details on WEBKIOSK
2015-04-13 Lost of Mobile Phone
2015-04-13 2014 Batch students to collect their Grade sheets
2015-04-01 M.Tech, M.Pharma and BTDD students to collect their Grade sheets
2015-03-27 2012 Batch students to collect their Grade sheets
2015-03-11 Lecture on Swine Flu
2015-02-24 Army Interview Under UES-24 Scheme
2015-02-21 Standing Committee to Receive Complaints Against Sexual Harassment
2015-02-04 Regularity of Attendance and Obtaining Minimum Marks...
2015-02-02 Pre-Final Year Army Entry Scheme
2015-01-23 Republic Day Celebration
2015-01-22 Special Scholarship For North East Region From The Year 2014-15
2015-01-19 Change of Elective
2014-12-17 Fees for Condensed Semester
2014-12-11 Supplementary Exam, January 2015
2014-11-18 Students have to fill webkiosk details, before 30th Nov. 2014
2014-11-14 Appointment of Wardens & Sports Incharge
2014-11-14 2013 Batch students to collect their grade sheets
2014-11-13 Constitution of Grievance and Disciplinary Committee
2014-11-12 2013 Batch M.Tech, M.Pharma are required to collect Grade Sheets
2014-11-07 2012 Batch students to collect their grade sheets
2014-11-03 5th Convocation JUIT, Waknaghat
2014-10-28 Fine to students for not having ID card during Mid Sem Exam
2014-10-27 Time Table During NBA Visit
2014-10-27 NBA Expert Team Visit
2014-10-17 1st year students are required to update details on WEBKIOSK
2014-10-10 Instructions to Students for Examination
2014-10-09 NCC Registration
2014-10-09 Mid Sem Lab Exam of Physics Lab-1
2014-10-07 Interview at JIIT Noida
2014-10-07 De-Registration
2014-10-06 Interview at JIIT Noida
2014-09-27 Students to collect their letter from admin office
2014-09-27 Disciplinary Action Against Students
2014-09-26 Wearing of Dress Code
2014-09-24 1st year students are required to collect Uniform
2014-09-20 Students of 1st year are required to collect I Cards
2014-09-19 DPMC Seminars on 23rd September 2014
2014-09-18 Appointment of Chief Warden
2014-09-16 4th Oct., 2014 Declared as holiday & 27th Sept., 2014 will be full working day
2014-09-15 Spoken Tutorial Workshops Registration
2014-09-15 Opening for Finance Officer and Asstt Finance Officer
2014-09-13 Students Required To Collect Show Cause Notice
2014-09-12 Natural Calamity - Floods
2014-09-12 Mess Committee
2014-09-12 Annapurna
2014-09-11 Students having low CGPA, are required to take Under taking letter from Admin
2014-09-10 University of Florida
2014-09-04 Amendment in Punishment
2014-09-03 Diksha 2014
2014-09-02 Visit Programme of British Dy High Commissioner Mr. David Lelliott
2014-09-02 JUIT Bus Service for the Students
2014-08-30 Webkiosk Passwords for 1st year B.Tech and M.Tech Students
2014-08-30 Batch wise list of 2014-15 admitted, 1st year students
2014-08-29 Notice, Branch Upgradation List
2014-08-28 Uniform For 1st Year Students
2014-08-27 Notice
2014-08-27 JYC Notice
2014-08-26 Final Year Students to collect Grade Sheet
2014-08-24 Steps Against Monkeys Nuisance
2014-08-21 30th August observed as a full day
2014-08-21 12 & less Credit to complete Degree
2014-08-14 Students to Collect I Card Form
2014-08-14 ICT students to Return Grade Sheets
2014-08-13 Students to meet their teachers
2014-08-13 16 August, 2014 Declared as Holiday
2014-08-12 Independence Day Celebration
2014-08-12 Change of Electives
2014-08-11 Students to meet undersigned
2014-08-11 Students not promoted to 5th Semester
2014-08-11 Students not promoted to 3rd Semester
2014-08-11 Anti Ragging Cell
2014-08-09 HSS Electives
2014-08-08 We Say No Ragging
2014-08-08 Registration Duty
2014-08-08 8th Semester at University of Florida
2014-08-07 Time Table Odd Semester 2014
2014-08-07 Students not allowed to register in 3rd semester
2014-08-02 Students to meet undersigned
2014-07-21 Summer Semester Examination
2014-07-17 Counselling Duty
2014-07-17 Counselling 2014
2014-07-04 Pre-Placement Training
2014-07-01 Dispensary
2011-11-28 Improvement of Grades
2011-08-24 Condition for Pass and Progression In JUIT

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