Physics and Materials Science

To train students by imparting quality education in Physics & Materials Science in order to cultivate their professional skills for independent outlook towards higher education, research and technological development
  • To impart outcome based education for preparing students to face challenges in industry and academia
  • To strive for excellence in performance-based teaching and research in order to maintain high levels of professionalism and integrity
  • To be recognized in scientific community in the fields of microstrip devices, nanomaterials, energy materials and sensors
Department offers Undergraduate and Graduate courses
Beside offering a number of courses for Undergraduate Engineering programmes, the Department of Physics & Materials Science offers Masters and Doctorate programmes in Physics and Materials Science. The Department also offers elective courses like Nanotechnology, Optoelectronic devices Optical Fiber Network Design etc. to undergraduate final year students in Electronics and Communication, Computer Science/IT, Civil and Biotechnology/Bioinformatics.


Program Objectives
PO-1: Insight into physical processes with critical thinking.
PO-2: To use the knowledge of Physics & Materials Science as a useful tool in respective disciplines.
PO-3:Qualitatively & quantitatively analyze and solve problems.

The Department has strong research interests in microwaves, compound semiconductors, and nano-materials. The Department has recently established a laboratory for the fabrication of thin film devices and nano-materials. A microwave antenna laboratory has also been set up. Research is carried out with a number of doctoral students in the fields of nano-materials and semiconductor devices as well as micro strip antenna design.