NEP Cell of JUIT facilitates for the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP), 2020 which was launched on 29th July, 2020.The NEP Cell also expedite on the initiatives undertaken by UGC for the implementation of NEP, 2020 are as follow:

  • Regulations on Academic Bank of Credits to promote flexibility and facilitate student mobility
  • Guidelines on Multiple Entry and Exit in the Academic Programmes of Higher Education lnstitutions
  • Guidelines for Apprenticeship/lnternship embedded degree programme as part of the curriculum of general degree programme
  • Amendment of lnstitutions Deemed to be University Regulations to facilitate Vocational Education to enhance Employability
  • Regulations on ODL and Online Education to expand access and increase GER
  • Regulations on Credit Framework for online courses through SWAYAM,2021 for recognition and integration of credits - lncreasing the credit limit from 20% to 40%
  • Guidelines for lnternationalization of Higher Education
  • Establishment of Office for lnternational Affairs - one stop contact for foreign students
  • Alumni Connect at University Level to engage with Alumni (of foreign origins and lndians living abroad)

Vision: To work collaboratively for bringing transformative reforms in academic and research at JUIT.

Mission: To comply with the above initiatives for generating the maximum benefits in a time-bound manner.