Medical Facility at JUIT

  • The JUIT dispensary is operational round the clock. It has 2 Doctors, 2 Staff nurses and 2 Nursing Assistants.
  • It is a four bedded facility and has equipment such as Nebuliser, Oxygenator, glucometer, pulse oximeter and an ECG machine.
  • In addition to routine OPD services emergencies are attended to.
  • Medicines are dispensed free of cost to any patient visiting the dispensary.
  • An ambulance too is provided free of cost to patients not only visiting the dispensary but for outstation visits as well.
  • The students are required to submit a medical certificate of fitness/any ds./allergies at the time of joining the university & also the students who join late in the university because of medical reason have to submit treatment record for the same in the dispensary.



  • Dr. Ankita Sohal, Medical Officer

Nursing Staff

  • 2 Male
  • 2 Female

Emergency Beds

  • 2 Male
  • 1 Female

Ambulance Service : 24 hrs