S.No Thrust Area Faculty Description
1 Cyber Physical System and Internet of Things
Dr. Vivek Kumar Sehgal,
Dr. Ravindara Bhatt,
Dr. Diksha Hooda,
Dr. Hari Singh,
Dr. Himanshu Jindal,
Dr. Himanshu Jindal,
Dr. Pankaj Dhiman,
Dr. Ruchi Verma,
Dr. Simran Setia, 
Arvind Kumar
Artificial Intelligence for IoT and CPS, Big Data Analytics and Applications, Blockchain Technologies and Applications, Communications and Networking for IoT and CPS, Cyber-Physical Systems, Edge Computing and Cloud Computing, Industrial Information, Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Internet of Vehicles, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Vehicular Networks, Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, Trust, Security and Privacy Mechanism for IoT and CPS, Services, Applications and Standards for IoT and CPS, Sensors and Devices for IoT and CPS, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in Industry, Digital Twins, Cyber Twins, Web Twins
2 Big Data and Machine Intelligence
Dr. Pardeep Kumar,
Dr. Yugal Kumar,
Dr. Aman Sharma,
Dr. Amit Kumar,
Dr. Deepak Gupta,
Dr. Kushal Kanwar,
Dr. Nancy Singla,
Dr. Rakesh Kanji,
Dr. Vipul Kumar Sharma,
Mr. Praveen Modi
Data warehouses, Business intelligence, Machine learning, Neural networks, Natural language processing, Image processing, Bot technology, AI agents, Analytics and dashboards, Distributed computing, Edge computing, Data Storage and Management, Data Search and Mining, Big Data Infrastructure and Systems, Big Data Processing and Analytics, Big Data Applications in Science, Internet, Finance, Telecommunications, Business, Medicine, Healthcare, Government, Transportation, Industry, Manufacturing, Big Data Integrity and Privacy, Big Data Models, Algorithms, and Architectures, Cloud Computing Techniques, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Affect/Emotion/Personality/Mind Computing, Cognitive Modeling, Cognitive Informatics, Cognitive Sensor-Networks, Cognitive Robots
3 Networking and Cyber Secuity
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta,
Dr. Rajni Mohana,
Dr. Abhilasha Sharma,
Dr. Amol Vasudeva,
Dr. Ekta Gandotra,
Dr. Jagpreet Sidhu,
Dr. Pankaj Dhiman,
Dr. Shubham Goel,
Mr. Nishant Sharma,
Mr. Prateek Thakral
Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning for Security, Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies and Cyber Security, Cloud, Fog, Edge & Cognitive Security, Cryptographic Protocols, Cyber Physical System (CPS) Security (autonomous vehicles, industrial control systems), Data Center Network Control, Security and Optimization, Database and System Security, E-mail security, Spam, Phishing, E-mail fraud, Hardware-Based Attacks, Internet of Things (IoT) Security, Internet Security & Applications (Social networking, crowd sourcing and Web based applications, services security), Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Mobile, Ad Hoc and Sensor Network Security, Peer-to-Peer Network Security, Performance Evaluations of Protocols & Security Application, Security & Network Management, Security for emerging networks (SDN, Home Networks, Body-area Networks, VANETs), Security of Virtual Machines, Security threats & countermeasures (DDoS, MiM, Session Hijacking, Replay attack etc,), Security, Trust and Privacy Challenges, Smart City, Grid, Electronic Voting Security, Network and Wireless Network Security, Ubiquitous Computing Security, Virus, worms, Trojan Protection, Web 2.0 Security


S.No Thrust Area Faculty Description
1 Ground Improvement and slope stability
Prof. Ashok Kumar Gupta,
Dr. Saurabh Rawat,
Mr. Niraj Parihar
Soil nailing and Helical soil nailing, Slope stability analysis and mitigation, Stone columns for ground improvement, soil stabilization using leather waste
2 Municipal Solid Waste management and Air quality monitoring
Prof. Ashish Kumar,
Dr. Rishi Rana
Renewable energy sources, Assessment of methane potential from different types of biodegradable waste, Environmental Monitoring and Pollution
3 Construction materials and Structural Dynamics
Dr. Saurav,
Dr. Tanmay Gupta,
Dr. Amardeep,
Dr. Sugandha Singh
Enhancing the strength properties of recycled aggregate concrete, Innovative solution to prevent the dampness in concrete structure, Analysis of special geometrical layout for bridges, Seismic behaviour of concrete bridges, Low-cost material utilization in construction blocks


S.No Thrust Area Faculty Description
1 Medical Image/ Signal Processing
Prof. Shruti Jain,
Dr. Nafis uddin Khan,
Dr. Emjee Puthooran,
Dr. Nishant Jain
9 PhD Research Scholars are currently working in this area
2 Antennas and 5G Wireless Communication Dr Rajiv Kumar,
Dr Shweta Pandit,
Dr. Alok Kumar,
Dr. Naveen Jaglan,
Dr. Salman Raju Talluri
10 PhD Research Scholars are currently working in this area
3 VLSI Design
Prof. Shruti Jain, 
Dr. Harsh Sohal
1 PhD Research Scholar is currently working in this area.
4 Automation and Robotics
Prof. Rajiv Kumar,
Dr. Salman Raju Talluri,
Dr. Emjee Puthooran
2 PhD Research Scholars are currently working in this area.
Facility available are: Mitsubishi Industrial Automation Centre with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Servo Control


S.No Thrust Area Faculty Description
1 Medical Biotechnology and Informatics    
a. Opportunistic & Drug-resistant Pathogens
Dr. Jata Shankar,
Dr. Jitendraa Vashistt,
Dr. Rahul Shrivastava,
Dr. Gopal Singh Bisht
Antibiotic resistance is a growing concern worldwide, and opportunistic and drug-resistant pathogens are a significant contributor to this problem. Research in this area can help identify the mechanisms of resistance and develop new strategies to combat it.
b. Genomics, Proteomics & Drug discovery
Dr. Udayabanu M.,
Dr. Rahul Shrivastava,
Dr. Tiratha Raj Singh,
Dr. Raj Kumar
Genomics and proteomics research allows for a better understanding of an individual's unique genetic makeup, which can help personalize treatment plans and medication regimens.The study of genomics and proteomics has led to the identification of new drug targets and the development of new drugs. This research is essential in finding more effective treatments for diseases.
c. Human Diseases & Healthcare Management
Dr. Udayabanu M.,
Dr. Jitendraa Vashistt,
Dr. Gopal Singh Bisht,
Dr. Tiratha Raj Singh,
Dr. Poonam Sharma
Research in this area helps identify the causes of diseases and how to prevent and control them. This includes identifying risk factors, developing vaccines, and implementing public health strategies. Research on human diseases leads to the development of new treatments, therapies, and medical devices that improve patient outcomes and quality of life.
2 Plant Biotechnology & Bioinformatics    
a. Plant Tissue & Cell Culture Technologies Dr Hemant Sood  
Plant tissue and cell culture technologies can be used to propagate endangered and rare plant species, preserving them for future generations.
b. Plant Genomics & Molecular Biology Dr Anil Kant Thakur
Plant genomics and molecular biology research can lead to the identification of genes responsible for desirable traits, such as increased yield, disease resistance, and stress tolerance. This information can be used to develop new crop varieties with improved traits.
c. Computational Biology & Agricultural Bioinformatics Dr. Shikha Mittal,
Dr. Raj Kumar
Computational biology and agricultural bioinformatics research can lead to the identification of genes responsible for desirable traits, such as increased yield, disease resistance, and stress tolerance. This information can be used to develop new crop varieties with improved traits.
3 Environment Sustainability and Climate Change    
a. Bioremediation & Biodegradation of Emerging Pollutants
Dr. Sudhir Kumar,
Dr. Garlapati Vijay Kumar
Bioremediation and biodegradation can help to clean up environmental contaminants and pollutants, reducing their impact on ecosystems and human health.
b. CO2 Capture & Conversion Technologies
Dr. Ashok Kumar Nadda,
Dr Garlapati Vijay Kumar
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change,  CO2 capture and conversion technologies can help to reduce waste by converting CO2 into valuable products and reducing the amount of waste that is generated.
c. Bioenergy, Biofuels & Sustainable Products Dr. Sudhir Kumar,
Dr.Garlapati Vijay Kumar,
Dr. Saurabh Bansal
Research on bioenergy, biofuels, and sustainable products is critical for mitigating climate change, promoting sustainable energy production, reducing waste, creating new economic opportunities, and promoting the development of sustainable products.
d. Environmental Nanotechnology Dr. Abhishek Chauhdhary,
Dr.Garlapati Vijay Kumar
The research on environmental nanotechnology is critical for developing innovative solutions for environmental remediation, pollution control, sustainable materials, energy efficiency, and risk assessment. It has the potential to address some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing our planet today, and to promote the development of sustainable and resilient communities.
4 Industrial Biotechnology    
a. Food Biotechnology Dr Anil Kant Thakur,
Dr.Garlapati Vijay Kumar
The research on food biotechnology is critical for addressing some of the major challenges facing global food systems today, such as food security, nutritional quality, disease resistance, sustainable agriculture, and food safety.
b. Bioprocess Technology Dr.Garlapati Vijay Kumar,
Dr. Saurabh Bansal
It is critical for promoting sustainable production practices, optimizing production processes, developing new bio-based products, and improving the quality and safety of biopharmaceuticals and other bio-based products.
c. Protein Engineering Dr. Saurabh Bansal
The research on protein engineering is critical for developing new biopharmaceuticals, improving enzyme performance, optimizing biocatalytic reactions, designing new proteins with specific functions, and developing new diagnostic tools for diseases.


S.No Thrust Area Faculty Description
1 Soft Computing & Fuzzy Decision Making Techniques Prof Rakesh K Bajaj & Dr Bhupendra Kumar Pathak
Optimization problems using Evolutionary computational methods with fuzzy and ANN. Applications of fuzzy decision-making techniques in various engineering and science problems.
2 Differential Equations and Differential Geometry Prof. Dr. Karanjeet Singh,
Dr. Mandeep Singh,
Dr. P K Pandey
Investigation of exact solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations using Lie group theory. Study of differential geometry of manifolds, and its applications.
3 Algebraic Coding theory and Mathematical Modeling Dr. R S Raja Durai,
Dr. Neel Kanth,
Dr. Saurabh Srivastava
Study of linear codes with complementary duals with rank metric. Mathematical modeling of industrial systems with the aid of optimization techniques.


S.No Thrust Area Faculty Description
1 Shared Aperture Antenna Sunil K. Khah
The proliferation of advanced sensor and communications systems on multiple platforms has led to an increasingly large number of associated antenna systems. Increasing numbers of sophisticated antennas are also envisioned for on platforms as the integration of additional advanced systems is contemplated. It is desirable to reduce the number of antennas by consolidating the functionality of several systems into a single shared aperture antenna. Combining the functionality of several antennas into one shared aperture presents several technical challenges. Our major stress is to present different methods and advancements in different technologies for designing the shared aperture system.
2 Experimental Material Science P. B. Barman,
Vineet Sharma,
Ragini R. Singh,
Surajit K. Hazra,
Sanjiv K. Tiwari
Experimental Materials Science is a versatile domain of high academic achievements that is mainly demonstrated by experimental research followed by application/solution to technical and scientific problems. Creative and productive inquiry are the basic requirements underlying this thrust area. The sub-areas under this domain are III-V compound semiconductors, Ferrites, Amorphous Semiconductors, Gas Sensors, Hydrogen storage, Core-shell nanostructures, Optical & Magnetic studies and Polymers. The journey from synthesis of base materials to state-of-the art devices using those materials is traversed by researchers involved in this area. The research output is normally channelized towards publications/patents/PhDs/Startups.
3 Computational Materials Science Santu Baidya,
Sanjiv Kumar Tiwari
Material science and engineering offer the opportunity for revolutionary advances in both basic science and technology, and in various technical fields. Nanotechnology, a branch of material science, has created an urgent need for a more robust quantitative understanding of matter at different scales via modeling and simulation. Advances in the computer technology have enabled the modeling and simulation of complex systems with millions of degrees of freedom. Although we are capable of fabricating various nano-devices, we lack the ability to incorporate them into complex systems and do not fully understand the theoretical intricacies of such systems. Therefore, this area of research has an excellent opportunity to understand the computational aspect of Materials Science.


S.No Thrust Area Faculty Description
1 Human Resource Management  Dr. Tanu Sharma,
Dr. Neena Jindal 
Research related with practices in HRM, EQs and Corporate Governance etc.
2 Consumer Behaviour  Dr. Anupriya Kaur 
Research related with consumer behaviour both for corporates and for private and public service providers etc.
3 Economic Development Dr. Amit Srivastava,
Ms. Triambica Gautam
Research in different areas related with economic development like corporate finance, international trade, banking, education etc.
4 English Literature and Gender Studies  Dr. Deler Singh
Research focus will be on gender issues and its representations, fictional and non-fictional works etc.