A Home Away from Home in Shivalik Hills

Choosing a University is also about choosing a new home. Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT), Waknaghat is a residential institution located in the picturesque Shivalik Hills and offers comprehensive & independent hostel facilities for boys and girls within the campus with all modern amenities and facilities. Shastri Bhawan, Parmar Bhawan and Azad Bhawan (only for 1st year boys) are the Boys hostels and Geeta Bhawan is the Girls Hostel. A separate wing for 1st year girls exists within the Geeta Bhawan. All hostels are spacious, well maintained and fully equipped to provide decent stay and the best possible living environment. The beauty of hostel life is that it brings students from various backgrounds and traditions under one roof thus making a hosteller more compatible. While providing individual space to all, it binds them as a collective community who are aware of the bounds. The hostel capacities are tabulated below: -

Sr. No. Hostel Triple Rooms Double Rooms Single Rooms Type No. of Seats
1 Azad Bhawan (Specially for Freshers) NA 154 21 Boys 329
2 Shastri Bhawan (H-1 to H-11) (For Seniors) 1 220 124 Boys 567
3 Parmar Bhawan (For Seniors) 1 171 32 Boys 377
4 Geeta Bhawan Junior Wing (Specially for Freshers) 3 45 9 Girls 108
5 Geeta Bhawan (Senior Wing) 7 130 26 Girls 307
  Total Seats         1688
Quality of Life

It would surprise many to learn that when pollution index of air in Delhi and NCR was above 550, JUIT had a pollution air index within double digits. Being a part of the Shivalik Ranges of Himalayas, the climate here is very pleasant during summers and lends itself to ideal environment and ambience for learning. Nature walks, enjoying the local flora, fauna and tourist attractions are what hostellers can look forward to.

Organization of Hostel Administration
  • The Vice Chancellor of the university is the supreme authority of the university.
  • The Dean of Students is the Head of the hostel administration and looks after the overall general welfare of students.
  • He is assisted by the Chief Warden, Deputy Chief Warden and 14 Wardens for smooth running of the hostels. The girls hostel has two lady wardens and one Assistant Warden. (Annexure -A)
  • Each hostel has a Caretaker who looks after the hostel assets and the maintenance needs of the hostel.
  • At University level, there is a Hostel Advisory Committee (HAC) (Annexure B) which is constituted by Chief Warden by taking nomination of the different year students from the wardens of respective hostels. Various hostel issues are discussed in the committee meetings chaired by the Dean of Students in the presence of wardens, maintenance department officials, Mess In-charge, caretakers, supervisors, etc.
  • The organisational set up of the hostel management system:
Facilities and Amenities for Hostel Students
  • The hostel rooms have double occupancy. However, some single rooms in each hostel are available on first come first serve basis at additional cost. A box bed with mattress, study table, chair, two racks, one steel almirah, fan, tube-light fixtures are provided to each student in the room by the university. In Girls Hostel, curtains are provided by the university.
  • Reserved Rooms for Medical Cases Some rooms (Single/Double) preferably on the ground floor are kept reserved in the hostels for the students who may be undergoing some medical problem. These rooms are invariably allotted in consultation with the university medical officers.
  • Dispensary A well-equipped dispensary with a male and a lady doctor & support staff as male and lady nurse are available on the campus. An ambulance is also a part of the medical set up of JUIT. A copy of every student’s medical record submitted by student at the time of admission is kept here. Students are advised to submit correct medical certificate as any undisclosed disease/allergy to drug is vital for the medical officer while treating a patient.
  • Hot Water Bathing & Hot Air for Room Heating: Hot water supply in the bathrooms and the hot air supply in the rooms from the university central heating system are provisioned. Hot air system for rooms is generally operational after the winter break i.e. in January month. Hostellers must understand the operation of controls in their rooms. The hot air system and its operation diagram is as below:
  • Gymnasiums: All hostels have a gym equipped with latest Gym equipments. The Girls hostel has two gyms. All Gyms are open in the Morning and Evening hours. First year boys and girls hostels have separate gyms.
  • The Annapurna (Mess Facility): The mess facility is compulsory for every hostel student. No cooking is permitted in the hostel rooms. The kitchen in mess is fully mechanised and lot of emphasis is laid on its hygiene and sanitation. A weekly menu for each month is prepared and feedback from students is taken on weekly basis. For the first-year students, a separate dining facility is catered in the mess. The quantity of 3 food is not rationed and every student is at liberty to serve himself to his liking. Milk is provided to the hostellers during night. For girls it is served in their hostels; whereas for boys it is served centrally in the Mess. A Mess Supervising Committee comprising of two faculty members is nominated for each week. This committee comments on the hygiene, sanitation, quality of food, raw materials and provides essential feedback on Mess.
  • Laundry: There is a central and fully automated and mechanised laundry in the campus. Each hostel student can utilise this facility twice a week based on schedule put up in the laundry. The charges for laundry are included in the hostel fees and resident students are not required to pay any additional charges. A one-time nominal charge for Laundry Card and Laundry Copy is charged by the contractor operating the Laundry. However, all woollen clothes which are to be dry cleaned are based on defined charges displayed in the laundry for each item.
  • Sports Facilities: To keep the students physically fit, outdoor & indoor sports facilities are provided under the expert guidance of two professional sports coaches (boys and girls separately). The outdoor sports facilities comprise Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Cricket net practice, mini Football field and Badminton courts. The indoor sports facilities include Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess and Carrom. Proper dress for playing games is advisable as most of the injuries happen due to students not wearing the proper sports gear.
  • Transportation: The university is located 3 kms on an offshoot road from the National Highway, Chandigarh – Shimla. In order to facilitate the students and staff who commute from Shimla/Shoghi/Kandaghat/Solan everyday and also to facilitate the hostel students move from JUIT Campus to Waknaghat, the university operates two busses whose timings correlate to academic requirements on working days. During weekend and Sundays/holidays the bus plys at increased frequency for the hostel students.
  • Drinking Hot/Cold Water Dispenser: Each hostel has a separate arrangement for water purifiers, water coolers and hot water dispensers.
  • Vending Machines: A snacks vending machine has been installed in each hostel to cater for small needs of packaged snacks. Also, a Sanitary Napkin Vending and Incinerator Machine has been installed inside the girl’s hostel (Geeta Bhawan).
  • Care Takers Inside the hostel: In-house Care takers have been appointed for the hostels who ensure that the hostel room inventories, common facilities and maintenance requirements of the hostel are attended to. These caretakers stay inside the hostel
  • Wi-Fi & TV Room: All the hostels have 24 hours Wi-Fi connectivity. Uninterrupted power supply is also made available 24x7. Each hostel has a TV room with a dish connected LED TV.
  • Security & CCTV Surveillance: For security purposes, the entire JUIT campus is fully equipped with CCTV cameras along with security guards at different posts 24x7. The girls hostel has lady security guards.
  • Cafeteria: A central cafeteria in Shastri Bhawan operates off academic hours till late at night. It meets the needs of students who wish to have heavy snacks. The items served in cafeteria are subsidised. During examination times, the cafeteria is open till midnight. For girls, an outlet operates in Geeta Bhawan also.
  • Other Important facilities:
    • A qualified student counsellor visits the university thrice a week for interaction with students who wish to avail of the facility. It is free for students.
    • The JUIT has also engaged an online 24x7 counselling firm named DOST for meeting the students counselling needs. This facility is also without any charge to students.
    • A Branch of Punjab National Bank along with an ATM operates in the Campus. Students can open their account for ease of fees transfer etc.
    • There is a designated well-maintained visiting area called Parent’s Lounge inside the Shastri Bhawan adjacent to the Open café. All visitors to students are advised to meet the student in this lounge only.
    • There is a convenience Tuck shop in the Academic Block where you can purchase small things of day to day use along with some ready to move snacks at subsidized rates. This is open till academic hours.
Out-pass Slips
  • At the time of academic and hostel registration in the beginning of the semester, twelve printed out-pass slips are provided to each hostel student.
  • These out-pass slips are to be utilized when a hosteller plans to visit outstation. Prior permission of parents and slip duly signed by your respective warden is a must while exiting from the main gate of university. In case, both wardens of a hostel are not available, you may approach the Dy. Chief Warden, then the Chief Warden and thereafter the Dean of Students in that order.
  • In case, if you have exhausted the out-pass slips, then report to your respective warden well in time so that necessary steps to procure the printed out-pass slips from university division can be taken before your next outstation leave. If the slips have been lost, a nominal charge is levied for issue of fresh slips.
  • Hostellers go out of the campus for walk, bringing some daily need items, having some snacks etc. All students need to put biometric once while going out and once while coming back. Being a remote area and hills, there is a specific In-time for safety reasons. During summer season the In-time at the gate is up to 8:00 pm and in winters the In-time is 7:30 pm. If a hosteller defaults on In-time, disciplinary action may be taken.
  • All girl hostellers must be inside their hostel by 9.30 pm. Biometric punch of check in is recorded. An SMS will be sent to parents of defaulting student.
  • Any absence from campus between above timings and 8:00 am in morning must invariably be on out-pass duly signed by warden/chief-warden.
  • Non-hostellers are requested to be out of JUIT Campus by 7:00 pm (Monday to Friday) and up to 5:30 pm on Saturday without fail unless written permission granted by the Dean of Students for any specific purpose exists.
Extended Library Timings for Hostellers
  • The facility of utilizing the Library resources is an important aspect for the academic growth of students. As such the hosteler students can avail the facility till midnight on regular weekdays. On Saturday, it is open till 5 pm and on Sundays up to 1 pm.
Anti-Ragging Committee & Squad of University
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited in JUIT. As per the Supreme Court order on the subject, all mandatory bodies and mechanisms are in place to ensure that there is no ragging on the campus.
  • All students and their parents are required to submit a copy of the On line affidavit which they submit on the UGC website.
  • Besides above the following bodies are constituted by the JUIT:-
    • An Anti-ragging committee headed by the Vice Chancellor of the University.
    • An Anti-ragging squad headed by the Dean Academics which is deployed in various locations of the campus.
    • Disciplinary Committee headed by a Head of Department.
    • All the Wardens are active and vigilant. In case of any difficulty, report to any committee/Dean of Students/Chief-Warden/Dy. Chief Wardens/wardens directly and immediately.
    • CCTV coverage of important campus locations
  • National Anti-Ragging Helpline
    Phone No. - 1800-180-5522
    Email - Helpline@Antiragging.In
Important Standing Orders – At a Glance
  • A student may be required to vacate his/her room as and when notified by the competent authority. Students are cautioned to be very careful about the safety of their belongings.
  • Inmates should not indulge in acts such a loud playing of musical instruments or radio or loud singing or dancing etc which may disturb others at study in the hostels.
  • Students are not permitted to keep fire-arms or any lethal weapon with them in the hostel or Institute premises even though possessing a licence for it.
  • Smoking, consumption of liquor/intoxicants/drugs is strictly prohibited. Any violation will invoke rustication from the hostel and even from the Institute.
  • Students are prohibited from keeping obscene literature/video films/CDs in their possession. Any violation in this regard will result in severe disciplinary action.
  • Electrical appliances like induction heater, electric irons, electric kettle, heaters, T.V., are not to be used in hostel rooms. Hostel inmates fiddling with the electric connections, computer cabling, outlets, fittings and using additional electrical appliances shall be penalized.
  • Students, unless specially permitted, will be allowed to occupy the rooms allotted to them in their hostel only a day prior to commencement of their academic session. Likewise, they must vacate their rooms, within 2 days of the closure of their academic session. They will render themselves liable to disciplinary action and payments at enhanced rates for any unauthorized occupation beyond the stipulated period mentioned above.
  • No furniture shall be removed from the room and used elsewhere either inside or outside the Hostel without the permission of or under the orders of the warden.
  • No student is allowed to engage private servant. Also, no pets such as dogs/cats etc are allowed in the Hostels.
  • Females in the boy’s hostel and males in the girl’s hostel are not allowed to visit or stay in the rooms of the students.
  • Hostellers are prohibited from keeping/accommodating student other than roommate/outsider in their room. In case of any such unauthorized activity, the student will be liable to disciplinary action.
  • Any student, who does not occupy the Hostel room allotted to him within 7 days of academic registration, shall lose the hostel seat and the same may be allocated to the next student in the queue.
Some Very Simple Important Do’s and Don’ts


  • Must have the contact number of your hostel caretaker, wardens, Dy. Chief Wardens, Chief Warden.
  • Keep your valuables like laptop, mobile, ATM/Credit cards and cash very safe.
  • Follow the Campus and hostel timings and mess timings.
  • Keep note of the notices that come on the official platforms from time to time.
  • Keep your out-pass slips safe and plan your leave at least two days earlier so that obtaining the sign of the warden in the office will not be a problem.
  • Respect your elders, seniors, guards and officials.
  • Must carry your identity card when you move out of the campus and during examination time.
  • Keep your room clean and never indulge in unnecessary and undesirable activities.
  • Choose right company which would help you in growing through the hostel life.


  • Do not indulge in any kind of indiscipline.
  • Do not get involved in unnecessarily and unwanted activities.
  • Do not allow any day scholar in your hostel room.