Koshish Club is dedicated to providing education and guidance to underprivileged children within the campus and outside it. Our mission is to bridge the educational gap and empower these children to build a better future. By taking a unique approach to educational training, we get these young minds to flourish and enable their personalities to shine bright. The club members on a voluntary basis contribute their time, effort, and energy to help these children unlock their potential. Koshish Club is a team of twenty two members spanning from first to final year students of our University. The team has two Student Coordinators from third year to guide the activities and finally overlooked by a Faculty Coordinator. The team is given subjects to teach according to their teaching expertise and subject prowess A weekly timetable is made and circulated to the students before the week begins. This is made taking the students requirements into the consideration. Every member takes three classes a week to maintain uniformity and discipline in conduct of classes.
The subjects are taught as per the curriculum of the schools. They include English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Studies and Computers. Subject classes are taken during the week and on weekends classes for Vedic Maths, Personality Development and English Speaking are scheduled regularly. The timings of the classes are from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm from Monday to Saturday.
The club aims to implement practical learning for better understanding of the topics. Fun events combined with learning, are organised regularly in order to build the interest of the children.
The classes are held in the University campus in the classrooms equipped with all latest teaching equipment.


1. Brush and Canvas a painting competition to showcase their artistic skills. We received many good paintings and drawings which reflected the thinking skills of the children. Top three winners were awarded for their excellent performance.
2. ‘Udaan’, a dayfull of fun wear a small hand of helpfulness with kids. Several games were organised and the winners of each game were awarded prizes.
3. Cultural programme presented by the students on Independence Day among the University events

Faculty Coordinator:
1. Dr. Raj Kumar
2. Dr. Shikha Mittal
Student Coordinators: Nikhil Jindal, Ankit Kumar Singh