About JUIT

Genesis and Accreditations
The Campus
To become a centre of excellence in the field of IT and related emerging areas in education, training and research comparable to the best in the world for producing professionals who shall be leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and management.
Learner Centric Education Process

JUIT Waknaghat offers a challenging academic environment to its students. It aims to instill the habit of life-long learning and therefore, provides a learner-centric rather than a teacher-centric educational process. The system has been designed to provide students the freedom to learn what they want to learn at a pace determined by them. Post-graduate students are encouraged to develop independence in thought and action as well as the ability to develop solutions that fit problem requirements. These students are trained to acquire the capability to deploy appropriate technology paradigms for given tasks, explore new technology, and lead teams to solve complex problems.

University Council
The University Council brings together faculty and administration representatives to discuss issues that involve the entire University.
  • Governing Council
  • Executive Council
  • Academic Council