Professional Development Initiatives



Soft Skills stands for “social/abstract/life/people skills”. The term indicates a high level of emotional intelligence in understanding a given situation, mood or attitude of a person that goes beyond the spoken or written language. Unlike hard skills that refer to an individual’s specialized skill set and ability to perform specific tasks, Soft skills penetrates every facet of our day to day activities.

The workshop aims at inculcating attributes such as effective communication skills, subtle behavioral traits, voice modulation and gestures. This workshop will focus on a variety of Soft skills that have become indispensable for the success of any organization; for personal growth and career enhancement. Some of these skills include the attitude to initiate; leadership qualities; problem solving and critical thinking; teamwork and personal accountability; time management; cultural influence on Communication; etiquettes, mannerisms and social ethics.



In view of increased globalization and integration of economies, the opportunities to work abroad or with people of other nationalities are numerous. Thus all professionals must be prepared to exploit such opportunities. In view of this the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a certificate course in foreign language – French and German. Enrolment for the course was offered for B.Tech/M.Tech/Ph.D students and Staff/Faculty/Campus residents.

  • Period: August to December, 2019
  • Total Hours for course delivery: 42 hrs
  • Total number of sessions: 21, 2hrs sessions @ 2 sessions per week