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Established under H.P. Legislative Assembly Act No. 14 of 2002
and Approved by UGC under section 2(f)

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Electronics and Communication Engineering


Dr. Harsh Sohal
Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)

Office: Department of Electronics; Contact No: ( 91) 01792-239247
Email: harsh.sohal@juit.ac.in
Affiliations: JUIT, Waknaghat; Member IEEE; Life member, biomedical engineering society of India

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Ph. D. in biomedical Engineering from Kyung Hee University, South Korea. He specialises in FPGA based instrumentation system design. His primary research interests are in the field of electronic instrumentation, circuits & systems design for medical electronics applications. He is a member of IEEE and is a life member of biomedical engineering society of India. In his free time he enjoys playing chess and reading scientific fiction.

Author Publication Profile:
2018 (5)All

Journal(s) :
  1. Harsh Sohal, Bishal Karki, Anjali Sharma,Yousouffa Mohamadou (2018). Design of impedance measurement module for an eeg and eit integrated system. International Journal of Control and Automation, 11 (9), 97-108
  2. Kirti, Harsh Sohal, Shruti Jain (2018). Comparative Analysis of Heart Rate Variability Parameters for Arrhythmia and Atrial Fibrillation using ANOVA. Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal, 11 (4), 1841-1849. Google Citation
  3. Garima Thakur, Harsh Sohal, Shruti Jain (2018). Design and Comparative Performance Analysis of various Multiplier Circuits. Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 5 (7), 340-349. Google Citation
  4. Garima Thakur, Harsh Sohal, Shruti Jain (2018). High Speed Radix-2 Butterfly Structure using Novel Wallace Multiplier. International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE), 7 (3), 213-217
  5. Garima Thakur, Harsh Sohal, Shruti Jain (2018). An Efficient Design of 8-bit High Speed Parallel Prefix Adder. Research Journal of Science and Technology, 10 (2), 105-114

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