On Going


S. No. Name of Supervisor Name of Research Scholar/Stuhent Project/Thesis Title
1 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera Aswani Kumar Digital Image Security
2 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera. Mohd. Dilshad Ansari Digital Image Security
3 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera Jabir Ali Multimedia Image Security
4 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera. Matank Kumar Goya Network Coding
5 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera. Punit Gupta Distributed and Parallel Computing
6 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera. Neetu faujdar Parallel Sorting Algorithm
7 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera. Suman saha Complex Network Analysis
8 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera Reema Aswin Artificial Intelligence
9 Dr. Hemraj Saini Gautam Kumar Prorocol Composition Logic
10 Dr. Hemraj Saini Pratiksha Gautam Sofware Security




S. No. Name of Supervisor Name of Research Scholar/Student Project/Thesis Title
1 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera Amol Vasudeva Clustered Approach to Detect the Sybil Attack in Mobile AD HOC Networks
2 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera. Ved Prakash Mishra Network Monitoring (Implementation of Simple Network management Protocol)
3 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera Raj Kumar Tekchandani Online Project Management System
4 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera. M. D. Nayer Vendor Analysis System
5 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera Amit kumar singh Level 2 Fingerprint matching system
6 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera Neetu Singh Tanwar Performance Evaluation of Network to Diagnose the Denial of Service attack via Queuing Theory
7 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera Esha Kumar Analysis of RED with Different TCP Congestion Control Mechanisms
8 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera Rupali Sharma Incresing the Performance/Efficiency of Link State Routing algorithm
9 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera. Abhishek Gupta   DDos Attack and Source Detection of DDos Attack Using Enropy Variations
10   Pravesh Saxena Enhancement of Indian Electronic Voting System Using Unique Identification Card and Biometric Fingerprint Technology
11 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera Gagan Dua Replay Attack Prevention in Kerberos Authentication Protocal Using Participants Physical Position Addresses
12 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera Mohit Kumar Secure Group Key Transfer ProtocolUsing CBU Hash Function
13 Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera. Deepak Kumar Sharma An Approach for Collaborative Decision in Distributed Intrusion Detection System
14 Dr. Hemraj Saini Tanu Bharadwaj Detection of Jamming Attack in WiMAX
15 Dr. Hemrajj Saini. Ninni singh Efficient and Scalable Key management mechanism using ECC for short memory scalar Multiplication
16 Dr. Hemrajj Saini Abhisek Rao Optimization of symmetric key management process in wireless mesh network
17   Abhilasha Sharma Secure and robust watermarking technicques for medical imaging