B.Tech. UG Lab

Jaypee University of IT has sophisticated UG Physics lab I and II to provide hands on training to its B.Tech students. University is committed to create and develop strong technical environment among the UG students. The students conduct the experiments to determine some of the fundamental constants (viz. Planck’s constant, e/m etc.). Moreover, introductory error and graphical analysis of the results are also been done by the students.


The electromagnetic analysis lab is equipped with adequate software and hardware facilities. The lab has antenna design softwares like CST, HFSS, JE3D and EMPIRE EXCEL. Also, the lab has the facility for fabrication and analysis of antenna by Vector network analyzer.

Vector network analyser

PCB Design Machine

The Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) lab has the facility to synthesize thin films in the presence of magnetic field by using vapour technique within a specially designed chamber.


CVD lab is equipped with microprocessor controlled furnace used for annealing thin films upto 1400°C in presence of specific gases such as argon, nitrogen etc. Also it is used to prepare carbon nanotubes (CNT).


Characterization lab is equipped with various characterization techniques.

Perkin Elmer Lambda 750 UV-visible-NIR
spectrophotometer having range 190-3300 nm

LS-55 spectrophotometer (Perkin Elmer) to record
photoluminescence spectra in the range of 200-900 nm.


Keithley’s Picoammeter and gas sensor setup.

The Materials Science lab is equipped with Thermal/E-Beam Vapour deposition unit, hydraulic press, High temperature two probe set-up with TPX-600°C PID controller, 1500 V EHT power supply, high resolution picoammeter, and Dielectric constant measurement setup.

Thermal Evaporation/ E Beam Unit

2-Probe set-up

The nanotechnology lab is well equipped with muffle furnace, hot air oven, spin coating unit, single pan highly sophisticated balance and magnetic stirrers.

2-dimensional (2-D) growth lab is equipped with advanced Chemical vapour deposition unit for thin film fabrication which provides an option to grow materials in low pressure and atmospheric pressure. A specially designed chamber is used for testing hydrogen gas storage in materials.

Advanced chemical vapour deposition unit