Courses for PhD

S. No. Course Code Course Name Course Syllabus
1 05P1WPH111 Thin Films Click Here
2 05P1WPH112 Compound Semiconductors Click Here
3 13P1WPH111 Introduction to Nanotechnology Click Here
4 13P1WPH112 Materials Characterization Click Here
5 13P1WPH113 Advanced Materials Science Click Here
6 14P1WPH112 Advances in Ferrites Click Here
7 14P1WPH113 Fluctuation And Magnetism Click Here
8 14P1WPH114 Antenna Theory Click Here
9 14P1WPH212 Science and Technology of Nanocomposites Click Here
10 14P1WPH213 Conducting Polymers Click Here
11 15P1WPH212 Soft ferrites Click Here
12 15P1WPH213 Semiconducting Luminescent Materials Click Here
13 15P1WPH214 Advance Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors Click Here
14 15P1WPH215 Microstrip Antenna Design Click Here
15 16P1WPH211 Advances in Nanotechnology Click Here

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