Electronics & Communication Engineering

Prof. Dr. Shruti Jain

Prof. Dr. Shruti Jain
Professor and Associate Dean (Innovation)
( 91)01792-239262
shruti.jain@juit.ac.in, shruti.jain@juitsolan.in
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Biography :

Dr. Shruti Jain is an Associate Dean (Innovation) and Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at the Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat, H.P, India. She has received her Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) in Electronics and Communication Engineering. She has teaching experience of around 19 years. She has filed ten patents, of which three have been granted and seven are published. She has published more than 30 book chapters and 130 research papers in reputed indexed journals (with IF ~ 70) and in international conferences. She has also published 14 books. She has completed two government-sponsored projects. She has guided 07 Ph.D. students and now has 05 registered students. She has also guided 11 M. Tech scholars and more than 110 B. Tech undergrads. She has organized 12 conferences of IEEE and Springer as Conference General Chair. Her research interests are Image and Signal Processing, Soft Computing, Internet-of-Things, Pattern Recognition, Bio-inspired Computing, and Computer-Aided Design of FPGA and VLSI circuits. She is a senior member of IEEE, Executive member of IEEE Delhi Section, life member and Executive member of Biomedical Engineering Society of India, and a member of IAENG. She is a member of the Editorial Board of many reputed journals. She is also a reviewer of many journals and a member of TPC of different conferences. She was awarded the Nation Builder Award in 2018-19 and enlisted in 2% scientist of world rankings of 2021 and 2023 published by Elsevier, data compiled by Stanford University.

Area of Expertization:
Energy Harvesting Systems
Image and Signal Processing
Soft Computing
Bio-inspired Computing
Computer-Aided Design of FPGA and VLSI circuits
Pattern Recognition
Machine Learning

Software and Hardware Skills:
MATLAB (Image and signal Processing)
Machine Learning

List of BTech/MTech/PhD Projects completed/ongoing:
1. An Automatic Glioma Detection and Extraction Framework for the Removal of Shrinkage in Segmentation
2. Design & Analysis of a Novel Hybrid 8x8 Bit Multiply and Accumulate (MAC) Architecture using Clock Gating Scheme for Pipelined Processing
3. A Computational Framework for Diabetic Retinopathy severity grading categorization using Ophthalmic Image Processing
4. A Low Power Wearable Electrocardiogram module for Heart rate Variability Classification System
5. Electrocardiogram Analysis for Robust Optimal Thresholding System Design
6. Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy using Digital Image Processing
7. Diagnostic System for Detection of Epilepsy Using Machine Learning
8. Detection of Cerebrovascular Diseases Employing Novel Fusion Technique
9. Liver Cancer Detection and Classification Based on Optimum Feature Fusion
10. Design of Optimum Finite Impulse Response Digital Filters using Lab View
11. Design of Energy Harvesting Prototypes from Waste heat of Home Chimney using Thermoelectric Generators
12. Hardware Optimization & CAD system of an Electrocardiograph Circuit for Lead II
13. VLSI Iimplementation of CurrentFeedback Operational Amplifier and Operational Trans-conductance Amplifier.
14. Design of a Low Voltage High Performance Current Feedback Operational Amplifier using CMOS.
15. High Speed Radix-2 Butterfly Structure Using Novel Wallace Multiplier
16. Support Vector Machine Based Texture Feature Extraction Technique for Classification of Breast Cancer from Ultrasound Images
17. Analysis and Classification of kidney FOCAL Lesion.
18. Classification of Breast Lesions for two class using Feature Extraction Techniques.
19. FPGA implementation of High Speed Hybrid CMOS Full adder circuits for Low Power VLSI Design
20. Design and Implementation of Power Efficient Reconfigurable Fixed Width Baugh- Wooley Multiplier and its Application
21. Energy Harvesting Using Piezoelectric Elements to Power Microelectronic Devices

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