S. No. Name of Supervisor Name of Research Scholar/Student Category B.Tech/ M.Tech/ Ph.D. Project/ Thesis Title Status
1 Dr. Nitin Shaily Mittal Ph.D. Memory Customization in Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip Awarded
2 Dr. Nitin Piyush Chauhan Ph.D. On Efficiency of Grid Computing Scheduling Algorithms. Awarded
3 Dr. Nitin Ravi Rastogi Ph.D. Designing of Fault-Tolerant Interconnection Network with Disjoint Path and Collision Solving. Awarded
4 Dr. Nitin Pardeep Kumar Ph.D. Merit Selection of Classification Algorithms for Decision Support Systems. Awarded
5 Dr. Nitin Ved Prakash Bhardwaj Ph.D. On Crosstalk and Efficiency of Multi-stage Interconnection Networks. Awarded
6 Dr. Nitin Rashmi Sharma Ph.D. On Information Theoretic Entropy of Real Time Distributed Systems. Awarded
7 Prof. Dr. Deepak Dahiya Pooja Jain Ph.D. Architectural Design of a Gaia based Multi Agent Enterprise Knowledge Management System Awarded
8 Prof. Dr. Deepak Dahiya Rajni Mohana Ph.D. Optimization of Service
Selection and Message Security
in Enterprise Web Service
Platform for Interoperability
9 Dr. Rajni Mohana Rajni Patel Ph.D. Software Agents Ongoing
10 Dr. Hemraj Saini Pratiksha Gautam Ph.D. Software Security Ongoing
11 Prof. Dr. Deepak Dahiya Vaishnavi Singhal M.Tech. Agent based Cloud Computing Completed
12 Prof. Dr. Deepak Dahiya Pawan kumar M.Tech. Using Aspect Oriented Software
Architecture for System
13 Prof. Dr. Deepak Dahiya Rachit mohan Garg M.Tech. Impact of MDA on enterprise
software development
14 Prof. Dr. Deepak Dahiya Mohit Gupta M.Tech. Developing Multi-Agent Knowledge
Management Architecture
15 Prof. Dr. Deepak Dahiya Saurabh M.Tech. Maximizing Code-Generation
using XML
16 Dr. P.K. Gupta Aastha Modgil Ph.D. Energy sustainable techniques for computer memory system Ongoing
17 Dr. P.K. Gupta Ms. Anandita Singh Thakur M.Tech. Framework to Improve Data Integrity in
SAAS Cloud
18 Dr. P.K. Gupta Mr. Sunil Kumar Sharma M.Tech. Energy Efficient Software Development Life Cycle Completed
19 Dr. P.K. Gupta Ms. Anamika Rangra M.Tech. Securing Cloud Availability against DDoS Attack Completed
20 Dr. P.K. Gupta Mr. Sameer M.Tech. Developing Algorithms and Tool for Empirical Analysis of Regression Testing Completed
21 Dr. P.K. Gupta Mr. Kuwar Pratap Singh M.Tech. Comparative Study and Implementation of Routing Protocols OSPF and EIGRP in IPv6 Networks Completed
22 Dr. P.K. Gupta Mr. Dinesh Kumar M.Tech. Modified Pair Test Case Generation Algorithm Completed
23 Dr. P.K. Gupta Mr. Dharmender Sharma M.Tech. Information Retrieval and Evolutionary Techniques Completed
24 Dr. P.K. Gupta Ms. Poonam Rana M.Tech. Developing a Hybrid Framework of IAAS and PAAS Completed
25 Dr. P.K. Gupta Mr. Kapil Kumar M.Tech. Developing new mutants and test data generation technique for mutation testing Completed
26 Dr. P.K. Gupta Ravideep Singh M.Tech. Handling Load Balancing Issue in Distributed File Systems Ongoing
27 Dr. P.K. Gupta Gunjan Gugnani M.Tech. Framework and Algorithms to Improve Security Mechanism in Cloud. Ongoing
28 Dr. S.P. Ghrera Amol Vasudeva M.Tech. Clustered Approach to Detect the Sybil Attack in Mobile AD HOC Networks Completed
29 Dr. S.P. Ghrera Ved Prakash Mishra M.Tech. Network Monitoring (Implementation of Simple Network management Protocol) Completed
30 Dr. S.P. Ghrera Raj Kumar Tekchandani M.Tech. Online Project Management System Completed
31 Dr. S.P. Ghrera MD. Nayer M.Tech. Vendor Analysis System Completed
32 Dr. S.P. Ghrera Amit kumar singh M.Tech. Level 2 Fingerprint matching system Completed
33 Dr. S.P. Ghrera Neetu Singh Tanwar M.Tech. Performance Evaluation of Network to Diagnose the Denial of Service attack via Queuing Theory Completed
34 Dr. S.P. Ghrera Esha Kumar M.Tech. Analysis of RED with Different TCP Congestion Control Mechanisms Completed
35 Dr. S.P. Ghrera Rupali Sharma M.Tech. Incresing the Performance/Efficiency of Link State Routing algorithm Completed
36 Dr. S.P. Ghrera Abhishek Gupta M.Tech. DDos Attack and Source Detection of DDos Attack Using Enropy Variations Completed
37 Dr. S.P. Ghrera Pravesh Saxena M.Tech. Enhancement of Indian Electronic Voting System Using Unique Identification Card and Biometric Fingerprint Technology Completed
38 Dr. S.P. Ghrera Gagan Dua M.Tech. Replay Attack Prevention in Kerberos Authentication Protocal Using Participants Physical Position Addresses Completed
39 Dr. S.P. Ghrera Mohit Kumar M.Tech. Secure Group Key Transfer ProtocolUsing CBU Hash Function Completed
40 Dr. S.P. Ghrera Deepak Kumar Sharma M.Tech. An Approach for Collaborative Decision in Distributed Intrusion Detection System Completed
41 Dr. Yashwant Singh Pawan Kumar Gangwar (2013-14) M.Tech. Moving Target Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Completed
42 Dr. Yashwant Singh Aditi Kansal (2013-14) M.Tech. Distributed Event Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks using Machine Learning Completed
43 Dr. Yashwant Singh Chhavi Gupta (2012-13) M.Tech. Fault Tolerant Event Detection in Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks via Pivotal Messaging Completed