Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Technologies for Rural development


Vision: The vision of CESTRD established at Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT) is to focus on the development of rural personnel and to benefit the people of all age groups irrespective of gender, race and financial category in Himachal Pradesh (H.P). The aim of the centre is to impart awareness about the recent sustainable technologies and Government aided scheme available for their convenient livelihood in H.P. The CESTRD will focus on the transfer the technologies to the rural people through their scientific taskforce and spread agricultural and environmental awareness. CESTRD is also determined to train the rural youth about use of upcoming technologies for skill development and to upgrade their acquaintance about self employment and entrepreneurship. The centre will target the rural youth, women groups and rural development committees through continuous consultancy, training and workshop sessions.

Mission:  The mission of CESTRD is the uplift the lifestyle and living status of rural people through intervention of JUIT scientists. The sustainable technologies in the area of  renewable energy (Solar energy, Hydro-wind energy), landscape designing, crop harvest technologies, Biogas production, Biofertilizers, plastic waste management and economic activities such as approach to market and government bodies for financial assistance will be made easily understandable for rural people.

Objectives of CESTRD

The CESTRD is mandated to:

  • General awareness program for the rural youth, women and children of the rural areas on interactive basis.
  • To survey and analyze the problems in planning and implementation of the Government schemes & programs for rural development.
  • To run the innovative training workshops, seminars, disseminate information and transfer technology to the rural people in an integrated sustainable mode of rural development.
  • To make people from rural areas information friendly by teaching them the use of internet for availing various facilities such as online transactions, payment of bills, purchase form online merchandise, to learn and avail form the schemes provided by government using government portals etc
  • To make rural people aware about education especially vocational trainings to make earnings other then agriculture.