Alumni Committee

A. Members/In-charge for Dept. of CSE&IT

Chair & Head:

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta   (Associate Professor)
Contact: +91-1792-239-204


Mr. Amol Vasudeva  (Assistant Professor-II)
Contact: +91-1792-239-273

B. Roles & Responsibilities

The effectiveness of alumni network is dependent upon the harmony created by the consummate performance of the outstanding alumni individuals. For this all the alumni of CSE/IT/ICT Department are requested to link up with JUIT at: and you can post your feedback at: Committee will assist ALUMNI to:

  • Participate in University and Alumni networking programs and activities.
  • Ensure the composition of its alumni and its current students.
  • Provide you opportunity to undertake special positions in intensifying CSE/IT/ICT Department’s networking.
  • Provide judicious information regarding CSE/IT/ICT Department’s activities.
  • Grow new dimension in programs of higher education.
  • Assist and develop industrial training and placement activities.
  • Have updates of  CSE/IT/ICT Department