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About Mitsubishi Factory Automation Lab

In its efforts to produce highly qualified, industry ready graduated in the current Industry 4.0 arena, Jaypee University of Information Technology has entered in to a Memorandum of Understanding with Mitsubishi Electric India Private Limited, a Company incorporated under companies act, 1956, Gurgaon, Haryana in May 2022. The main objective of this MoU is to spread awareness about automation amongst young Indian engineers and contribute to the Indian market through its products and technologies.
Under this MoU, MEI has given MEI will give Mitsubishi FA Training Equipment along with necessary programming software for simulation / programming to JUIT for demonstration, learning and training purposes. JUIT will come up with a comprehensive programme to train its students in Industrial Automation by workshops and summer trainings in near future to improve the prospects of students in their placements.

Mitsubishi Factory Automation Lab:

1. FA Learning Set-Up:
Industrial Automation is an essential part in Industry 4.0. The basic components that are involved in industrial automation are programmable logic controller (PLC), Inverter, Servo and Human Machine Interface. This lab offers a complete coverage on these topics to make students experts in automation domain. This lab offers:
A course of Programmable Logic Controller to develop programmes to meet the needs of a specific application.
A course on HMI, Inverter, Servo Motor and XY plotter significance and their applications.

2. Robotic Arm Set-Up:
Robotic arms are devices that have been designed to do a given activity or job swiftly, correctly, and effectively. These are usually motor-driven consisting of a collection of joints, articulations, and manipulators, and are employed to accomplish heavy and/or repetitive processes quickly and consistently. Robotic arms enhance the safety of workers, accelerate production, and improve overall productivity. These are particularly valuable in the industries of industrial production, manufacturing, machining, and assembly.
The Robotic Arm Lab consists of the following:
An Articulated Robot having Degree of Freedom (DOF) 6 and payload capacity of 4 Kg.

  • 2-days training session on Mitsubishi FA Set-Up, 23-24 Feb 2023
  • From 22 June 2022 to 24 June, 2022, MEI in JUIT has conducted a training course to train its faculty members and lab-staff. Mr. Kirit Singh Chauhan from MEI Pvt. Ltd. delivered lectures and demonstrated the working of different components present in kits in a brief and precise manner. In this training faculty, lab-staff from different departments participated and interacted with engineer for better utilization of the kits.
    During this training, Installation of required software for the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Inverter, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Servo Control was done. A precise presentation was given on the significance, purpose and programming the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) along with demonstrations based on PLC programming.
Future Planned Activities:

The department of ECE will organize a State-Level Training Workshop for the diploma students in academic session July-Dec 2024.

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Dr. Salman Raju Talluri
Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering
JUIT, Waknaghat-173234
  Dr. Pardeep Garg
Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering
JUIT, Waknaghat-173234