The Department promotes software, database, internet and information system technologies as well as network and distributed systems. Students are exposed to CASE tools, conceptual modeling, Requirements engineering and data warehouse design. They study all standard courses like Data Structures, Object-Oriented Programming, Operating Systems, Compilers, Computer Networks, etc. Aspecial featureof our teaching isworkshopcourses whereintensive practical experienceis given on important tools like Unix and Shell Programming, Network Programming, etc. Students are given courses incutting edge technologiesimmediatelyrelevant to industry, for example, Web Programming, Web Services, Web Application Development, Data Mining, etc. Further they can opt for courses infuturistic technologieslike Quantum Information Theory, Nano-Science & Technology. Current research interests are in the areas of Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Computer Network and Security, Database Systems, Data Warehousing & Data Mining, Digital Image Processing, Internet Technologies, Learning Science & Technology and Soft Computing which are enriched by their respective research groups.

Facilities including Labs

Department puts a great emphasis on laboratory work. While laboratories are also used for developing skills to use and apply various concepts, tools and techniques, their main purpose is to develop the core technical as well as general professional competencies through experimental and collaborative learning. Main purpose of the laboratories is to develop the abilities to design and conduct experiments; collect, analyze and interpret data; work independently and also in teams; and also to improve reporting and communication skills. This practical experience in the laboratory is intended to nurture the students’ initiative, originality, creativity and spirit of inquiry and also to generate an appreciation of the nature of engineering design and scientific discovery. Through various active learning experiences in laboratories, students gain more insights into the field of study, develop ability to apply their knowledge to a greater extent, exhibit a greater level of understanding of course material and sharpen their problem solving skills. The laboratories of department provide computational facility of approximately 700 computer nodes interconnected via LAN. These nodes are running on the Windows 2000/Windows XP/Linux platform and are equipped with state-of-the-art software. A CUDA research lab has been established with a server and five clients. CUDA has been introduced as part of course on High Performance Computer Architecture for M Tech (first year) and B Tech(final year) students. In addition, a separate project lab having capacity of 58 computer nodes are also provided for the B.Tech. Final year students, M.Tech. students and Research Scholars with different cutting edge technologies to complete their high end assignments.

Course wise lab usage
Different laboratories are being utilized for the conduct of various lab courses listed below:

Title of the Lab Running Courses
Algorithm Design and Programming Lab
  • C Programming Lab (10B17CI171)
  • Objected Oriented Programming Lab (10B17CI371)
  • Object Oriented System & Programming Lab (10B17CI674)
  • Unix Programming Lab (10B17CI307)
  • Java Programming Lab (13B22CI583)
  • Algorithms Lab (10B17CI472)
  • Advanced Programming Lab
  • Data Structures and Computer Programming Lab (10B17CI271)
Software Engineering Lab
  • Software Engineering Lab (10B17CI572)
  • Software systems Lab-I (10M17CI171)
  • Data Mining Lab (10B28CI682)
  • Software Testing & Debugging Lab (08B51CI101)
  • Parallel Programming and High Performance Lab
Database Lab
  • Database Systems Lab (10B17CI372)
  • Database Management Systems Lab (13B22CI381)
Multimedia Lab
  • Computer Graphics Lab (11B1WCI671)
  • Multimedia Development Lab-I (10B28CI408)
  • Multimedia Development Lab-II (10B28CI683)
  • Multimedia Development Lab-III (13B22CI382)
Operating system Lab
  • Operating system Lab (10B17CI571)
Web Engineering Lab
  • Web Technology Lab (10B28CI581)
  • Information Systems Lab (10B28CI681)
Microprocessor and Controllers Lab
  • Microprocessor and Controllers Lab (10B17CI407)
Network and Communication Lab
  • Computer Networks Lab (10B17CI671)
  • System  and Network Programming Lab (10B17CI673)
Compiler Design Lab
  • Compiler Design Lab (10B17CI672)
Virtual Lab