Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Neena Jindal

Dr. Neena Jindal
Assistant Professor (Grade-II)
(91)01792- 239306
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Biography :

Dr. Neena Jindal has taught Political Science for seven years. Presently, she is teaching engineering students at JUIT. She is also involved in various student activities in the campus. 

Book(s) :
  • Neena Jindal, Tanu Sharma (2017). Human Rights in Democratic Countries: India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Iran , Russia and China. Dubai: Lambert Accademic Publishing.. [ISBN : 9783330075849] . Google Search
Journal(s) :
  • Neena Jindal, Sehrawat A., Medury Y (2017). Good Governance and the Role of ICT. Proceedings of Annual International Conference on Innovation strategies in Transitional Economy VIPSAR, 1 (1), 97-99