Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

Dr. Saurabh Bansal

Dr. Saurabh Bansal
Assistant Professor (SG)
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Biography :

30-Sept-2018 to Present  Assistant Professor (SG) at JUIT

01-Jan-2016 to 29-Sept-2018:  Assistant Professor (Grade-II) at JUIT

July 2012 to-31-Dec-2015 : Assistant Professor (Grade-I) at JUIT

2011-12 : Research Associate, IIT Delhi

2008-2011 : Senior Research fellow, IIT Delhi

2006-2008 : Junior Research fellow, IIT Delhi

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  • Ashwina, Akshay, Saurabh Bansal, Poonam Sharma (2017). Comparative Interaction Study of Amylase and Surfactants for Potential Detergent Formulation.. Proceedings of the National Conference [Maharaja Agarsen University, Baddi, H. P. India : 4 March 2017], pp.-.. Google Citation