Dr. Pradeep Kumar Pandey

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Pandey
Assistant Professor (SG)
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Biography :

Assistant Professor (SG) (01/02/2015 onwards), JUIT Waknaghat.

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) (01/08/2013 to 31/01/2015), JUIT Waknaghat.

Lecturer/Assistant Professor (Grade-I) (17/01/2011 to 31/07/2013), JUIT Waknaghat.

Lecturer (01/12/2009 to 14/01/2011), Amity University, Noida.

Book(s) :
Journal(s) :
Abstract/ Poster Presentations/ Invited Lectures in Conferences :
  • Pradeep Kumar Pandey, Sameer (2021). A note on the Silver Hessian Structure. Proceedings of the International conference of international academy of physical sciences (Recent advances in differential geometry and Topology) [27th : Central University of Punjab, Bathinda : Oct 26-28, 2021], pp.-.. Google Citation
  • Pradeep Kumar Pandey (2020). The geometry of golden ratio in vedic mathematics. Proceedings of the International e-conference on: Emerging Trends in Vedic Mathematics and Applications in Science, Technology, Social Sciences Research (ETVM-ASTSSR-2020) [Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi : 16-17 August 2020], pp.-.. Google Citation
  • Pradeep Kumar Pandey, Sameer (2018). Bronze differential geometry. Proceedings of the National Conference on Differential Geometry and Its Applications [Nehru Gram Bharti, Allahabad (Prayagraj), Uttar Pradesh. : 03-05 August 2018], pp.-.. Google Citation
  • Pradeep Kumar Pandey (2018). Holomorphic functions on manifolds. Proceedings of the International conference on Mathematical Sciences and Applications [ICMA-2018 : GGV Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh : 23-25 February 2018], pp.-.. Google Citation