Electronics & Communication Engineering

Pardeep Garg

Pardeep Garg
Assistant Professor (Grade-II)
pardeep.garg@juit.ac.in, garg.pardeep22@gmail.com
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Biography :

Pardeep Garg is working as Assistant Professor (Grade-II) in the department of ECE at JUIT, Waknaghat. He joined the ECE Dept. of JUIT on July 10, 2010 as a Lecturer. Before joining JUIT, he has worked as a Lecturer in ECE department in two engineering colleges affiliated to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra for around 3.5 years. He has also served IIIT, Hyderabad as a Research Assistant for the DST sponsored project, "Wireless Sensor Networks" for 03 months.
He has supervised 3 M.Tech. Theses, and around 45 B.Tech projects. He has published research papers in various journals having SCI, SCOPUS indexing, conferences and book chapters of reputed publishers.
He secured 2nd rank in ECE discipline in M.Tech. He also secured first rank in 2nd sem of M.Tech in the university with 9.4 SGPA. Being a meritorious student, he achieved state level scholarships twice for excellence in academics. He has also received silver medal in state level mathematics talent search competition.

Awards & Achievement:

Pardeep Garg along with his Ph.D supervisor Dr. Sunil Datt Sharma received 'The Best Paper' award amongst the papers presented in the technical session EC05 on 20-03-2021 for the paper titled, 'CpG Islands Identification in DNA Sequences using Modified P-Spectrum based Algorithm' in the 2021 International Conference on Advances in Smart Sensor, Signal Processing and Communication Technology (ICASSCT 2021) held at Goa University, Goa, India during 19-20 March 2021. The proceedings of the conference are published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series journal.

Area of Specialization/ Research Interests:

Genomic Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Internet of Things (IoT), Applications of Machine Learning etc.

Author Publication Profile:
Book Chapter(s) :
  • Sunil Datt Sharma , Pardeep Garg (2021). Integer period discrete Fourier transform-based algorithm for the identification of tandem repeats in the DNA sequences. In Pardeep Kumar, Yugal Kumar, Mohamed A. Tawhid, Machine Learning, Big Data, and IoT for Medical Informatics (pp. 311-325 ). : Academic Press (elsevier). [ISBN : 978-0-12-821777-1] . Google Search
  • Spardha Kapil, Nikita Pandey, Pardeep Garg (2021). IoT Based Smart WristBand. In Vishal Goyal, Manish Gupta, Aditya Trivedi, Mohan L. Kolhe, Proceedings of International Conference on Communication and Artificial Intelligence. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems. (192, pp. 171-180). Singapore: Springer. [ISBN : 978-981-33-6546-9] . Google Search
  • Archit Sharma, Prakhar Tiwari, Akshat Gupta, Pardeep Garg (2021). Use of LSTM and ARIMAX Algorithms to Analyze Impact of Sentiment Analysis in Stock Market Prediction. In Jude Hemanth, Robert Bestak, Joy long-Zong Chen, Intelligent Data Communication Technologies and Internet of Things. Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies (57, pp. 377-394). Singapore: Springer. [ISBN : 978-981-15-9508-0] . Google Search
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