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Dr. Garlapati Vijay Kumar

Dr. Garlapati Vijay Kumar
Associate Professor
91-1792 239288
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Biography :

Doctorate in Bioprocess Engineering / Industrial Biotechnology and Biofuels (IIT Kharagpur) and M.Tech (Biotechnology) as Master’s Degree. Grantee of Two Indian Patents and applicant of one International Patent, edited one book, published 58 research articles in SCI-/Scopus Journals, 25 Book chapters, guided three Ph.D, 9 M.Tech /M.Sc & 15 UG dissertations and have communicated/ presented at several conferences either as oral presentations or posters. Taken fellowships of A4U Postdoctoral Fellowship, Spain, 2011-2013; Institute Research Fellowship, IIT Kharagpur, 2006-2010; GATE - MHRD Fellowship, 2002-2003. Listed in "Top 2% World's Scientists, by Stanford University Rankings 2021 (2020, Table_1_Authors_Singleyr_2020) and 2020 (2019, Table S7), USA" and "AD Scientific index 2022 & 2021: World Scientist and University Rankings 2022& 2021". Serving as an International Advisory Panel Member, Elsevier; “Associate Editor” in “Frontiers in Energy Research (IF:4.008)”; "Review Editor" in "Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology (IF: 5.890)" and “Frontiers in Catalysis”; Editorial Board Member for “BMC Biotechnology (IF:2.563)”, "Bioengineered (IF:3.269)", “Journal of Chemistry (IF:2.506)” and Reviewer for Science Direct, Frontiers, RSC and Springer Journals.

Research Areas: Bioprocess /Biochemical Engineering, Microbial/ Industrial Biotechnology, Fermentation technology and DSP, Biofuels /Bioenergy, Biocatalysis, Environmental Biotechnology, Microalgal Technology, Food Biotechnology, Statistical modeling coupled Evolutionary optimization

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Book Chapter(s) :
  • Jeevan Kumar SP, Vijay Kumar Garlapati, Lohit Kumar Srinivas Gujjala, Rintu Banerjee (2021). Technologies for oil extraction from oilseeds and oleaginous microbes. In Munishwar Gupta and Ipsita Roy, Three Phase Partitioning: (pp. 243-266). Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier. [ISBN : 978-0-12-824418-0] . Google Search
  • Edith Mier-Alba, Salvador Sanchez-Munoz, Fernanda Goncalves Barbosa, Vijay Kumar Garlapati, Nagamani Balagurusamy, Silvio Silverio da Silva, Jlio Csar dos Santos, Anuj Kumar Chandel (2021). Comparative Analysis of Biogas with Renewable Fuels and Energy: Physicochemical Properties and Carbon Footprints. In Balagurusamy N., Chandel A.K., Biogas Production (1, pp. 125-143). Switzerland: Springer, Cham.. [ISBN : 978-3-030-58826-7] . Google Search
  • Vijay Kumar Garlapati, Surajbhan Sevda, Swati Sharma (2021). Photosynthetic biogas upgrading - An attractive biological technology for biogas upgrading. In Nabin Aryal, Lars DM Ottosen, Michael Vedel Wegener Kofoed, Deepak Pant, Emerging Technologies and biological systems for biogas upgrading (pp. 1-32). Netherlands: Elsevier. [ISBN : 9780128228081] . Google Search
  • Surajbhan Sevda, Vijay Kumar Garlapati, Swati Sharma, T.R. Sreekrishnan (2021). Potential of High Energy Compounds: Hythane Production. In Lakhveer Singh, Durga Madhab Mahapatra, Delivering Low-Carbon Biofuels with Bioproduct Recovery (1st, pp. 1-10). USA: Elsevier. [ISBN : 9780128218419] . Google Search
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