Thrust Area

Sl No. Thrust Area Faculty Description of Thrust Area
1 Soft Computing & Fuzzy Decision Making Techniques Prof Rakesh K Bajaj & Dr Bhupendra Kumar Pathak Optimization problems using Evolutionary computational methods with fuzzy and ANN. Applications of fuzzy decision-making techniques in various engineering and science problems.
2 Differential Equations and Differential Geometry Prof. Dr. Karanjeet Singh, Dr. Mandeep Singh, Dr. P K Pandey Investigation of exact solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations using Lie group theory. Study of differential geometry of manifolds, and its applications.
3 Algebraic Coding theory and Mathematical Modeling Dr. R S Raja Durai, Dr. Neel Kanth, Dr. Saurabh Srivastava Study of linear codes with complementary duals with rank metric. Mathematical modeling of industrial systems with the aid of optimization techniques.