Centre of Excellence in Structural Engineering and Disaster Management (CESEDM)


Creating and disseminating intellectual resources aimed at improving the overall quality of built environment, primarily focused at disaster risk assessment, reduction and management ensuring life safety within economic, physical, social, cultural, and environmental constraints.


a. To work towards structural safety and integrity of built environment with latest science and technology interventions.
b. To become a knowledge resource hub for construction of disaster resilient infrastructure.
c. To develop and to create awareness regarding comprehensive disaster mitigation plans.
d. To bridge the gap between academia and industry practices viz-a-viz construction of modern yet safe infrastructural projects.


1. To provide training through webinars, seminars, workshops etc for practicing professionals and students enabling them with the latest developments in the fields of structural engineering and disaster management.
2. To conduct state of the art research aimed at developing safe yet economically infrastructure.
3. To work towards spreading awareness about vulnerability of built environment.
4. To provide practical and economical solutions for retrofitting and strengthening of existing structures.
5. To develop detailed response plan for improved disaster preparedness.
6. To produce resource material with specifications about construction and maintenance of common structural typologies.
7. To ensure the use of latest developments in Structural Design by transforming technical advances into applicable procedures.
8. To provide technical support in solution of practical structural safety concerns.