A virtual tour (or panoramic tour) is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of panoramic images, a sequence of hyperlinked still or video images, and/or virtual models of the real location. As opposed to actual tourism, a virtual tour is typically accessed on your personal computer.

Hotspot : Takes you to the various spots on the campus as mentioned.
Panorama : A 360 degree view of the location with the hotspots.

How do I navigate a panorama ?
To navigate a panorama, simply click and drag with your cursor around the window. You can also zoom in or out.

Whats the difference between the flash and the html version ?
The flash version is more realistic but also requires more bandwidth. The html version is relatively simpler and doesn't require much bandwidth.

What are the basic requirements for this website ?
The flash version requires the latest verison of the Adobe flash Player. Download from here. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome is the recommended browser with a screen resolution of 1280X800.