From a mere Olympus 5MP point and shoot camera to a Cannon 1000D 10.1MP SLR it has been a long journey. What started as a semester project has now evolved into a professional endeavour. In our first attempt there were some major glitches, but we came through, learnt from our mistakes and brought some major changes to our technology.

The new features include better photo quality, almost zero glitches, high quality full screen flash version (just awesome !!) and some extremely special night panoramas. For us it's more than work, it's something we love doing ( even when we are taking photographs at 3am in the morning; with suspicious security guards keeping an eye on us! )

Catch the breadth taking view with the click of the mouse by experiencing extravagant panoramas of the JUIT campus. The site gives one of a kind experience to the user to get a feel of the campus, like being present there.

Project Guide :  Ms. Chetna Gupta

Project Team :  Jatin Singh
Ishha Nagrath
Ankit Sabharwal
Anirudh Singh Verma

This website is licensed under creative commons

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