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About database
  • dbDiarrhea is a catalogue of virulent proteins playing key role in the pathogenesis of diarrhea. It is an online, integrated and comprehensive database of diarrheal proteins (including major bacterial, viral and parasitic species).dbdiarrhea is freely available and is designed for user to provide search capability to find desired information through querying.
Query page
The query page gives the option to search the database different ways:
  • One can search for the proteins in different organisms within one or more of the given categories.
  • This page also allows one to search by a specific keyword
  • You may also search by the accession number of a protein within the database.
  • Blast
    Blast page helps in sequence similarity search
    Downloads page provides access to download the entire database, sequence, host protein file, pathogen protein file, T3SS Effectors file and T3SS Component file.
    With the help of this page, one can find out the current statistics of the diseases.
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