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ABOUT Diarrhea
Diarrhea is an increase in the frequency of bowel movements or a decrease in the form of stool (greater looseness of stool). Although changes in frequency of bowel movements and looseness of stools can vary independently of each other, changes often occur in both. Diarrhea is one of the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in developing countries like India, Bangladesh and china. It causes about ~2.2 million of death per year worldwide.

There are number of pathogens involved in diarrhea (for example; E.coli, Shigella, Rotavirus, campylobacter etc.). Being a tropically neglected diseases, very few efforts are directed towards controlling the diarrhea and avaliability of vaccines is also very low. Only one or two of these are available such as rotataq, cholera toxin, rotarix.

ABOUT dbDiarrhea
dbDiarrhea is an integrated data source and comprehensive database of virulence factors from diarrheal pathogens( including major bacterial, viral and parasitic species).

The motivation for developing dbDiarrhea:

(i)First, to provide the complete knowledge about the virulence factors and how they are causing diarrhea.

(ii) To serve as comprehensive repository of virulence factors and their role in diarrhea.

(iii)No such database is available till now which will provide complete information of proteins from diarrheal pathogens.

dbDiarrhea is an open source and comprehensive collection of proteins involved in diarrhea. It provides access to all publicly available data such as hyperlinks to different databases -Gene, Protein, Accession, Current statistics of the disease which are searchable by keyword or alphanumeric identifier from the home page.This database is user friendly and can further facilitate analysis of diseases.

Features of dbDiarrhea

  • Keyword-fielded search.
  • Sequence similarity search using BLAST.
  • Category wise search can be performed (T3SS Effector, T3SS Components, Host Proteins and Pathogens proteins).
  • Whole database, Protein files, vaccines list etc can also be downloaded.
  • Dynamically updated statistics, providing up-to-date general information on the records in the dbDiarrhea.

Database Statistics

Total protein entries 820
Total species 14