2011 IEEE ICIIP : Technically Co-Sponsored By IEEE Delhi Section ***** IEEE Conference Record Number : 18223
                  2011 IEEE ICIIP received 624 paper submissions.Thanks to all for the overwhelming response.

2011 IEEE International Conference
Image Information Processing
(ICIIP -2011)
November 3 - 5, 2011
Jaypee University of Information Technology
Waknaghat, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA

Instructions for the Authors of Accepted papers

Following requirements are mandatory to include your paper in  
IEEE Xplore Conference Proceedings.

                           1) CAMERA READY paper (on or before 1st September, 2011)

                           2) IEEE COPYRIGHT form Duly completed and signed(on or before 1st September,2011)

                           3)REGISTRATION form Duly completed (on or before 15th September, 2011)


STEP 1: Revise your paper(s) according to the reviewers' comments.

STEP 2: Download the Camera Ready Format for ICIIP 2011.
Click here
: (WORD).
The paper length should not exceed six (6) pages, IEEE two (2) column format. You need to modify your paper exactly as per the format requirements specified in the Camera Ready Format.

STEP 3: Use the IEEE PDF eXpress link below to check the Camera Ready paper is IEEE compliant.

Enter iciip11x for the Conference ID.

Click: IEEE PDF eXpress for Camera Ready Paper Submission – ICIIP 2011.

STEP 4: Please Rename your PDF Compliant camera Ready with your paper ID.( 15694XXXXX_cr.PDF).

STEP 5: Send a single zip containing your IEEE PDF Compliant Camera Ready     Paper (15694xxxxx_cr.PDF)      +    Source File (15694xxxxx_cr.DOC)     to iciipcr@gmail.com (on or before 1 September, 2011 ).


STEP 1: Download the IEEE Copyright Form for ICIIP 2011.
Click here: (WORD)

STEP 2: Please Rename your IEEE Copyright Form with your paper ID.    (15694XXXXX_copyr.PDF) 

STEP 3: Send the scanned copy of  fully-completed  and signed  IEEE copyright form to iciipcopyright@gmail.com (on or before 1 September, 2011) .


At least one author must register on or before 15 September 2011 to include the paper in the conference.
For details on the registration process,
please click : http://www.juit.ac.in/iciip/reg.php

STEP 1: Download the Registration form  for ICIIP 2011.
Click Here: (WORD).

STEP 2 : Please Rename your Registration Form with your paper ID.
( 15694XXXXX_reg.PDF)

STEP 3 : Send the scanned copy of the fully completed Registration form to iciipregister@gmail.com (on or before 15 September, 2011).