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Jaypee University of Information Technology
Waknaghat, Solan, H.P. - 173234


Membership and Circulation Guidelines

Category of Membership and Loan Period

All students, faculty members and employees of the University are entitled for the membership of the Library. Their entitlements, in terms of number of books that they can borrow and the permissible loan period are as under :


B. Tech

M. Tech

Research Scholar

Non Teaching Staff


Text Books

7 Books for 10 Days

10 Books for 15 Days

12 Books for 15 Days

12 Books for 3 Months

15 Books for 6 Months

General Books

3 Books for 10 Days

3 Books for 15 Days

3 Books for 15 Days

3 Books for 3 Months

3 Books for 6 Months

Reference Books*

Not Allowed

3 Books for 3 Days

5 Books for 3 Days

1 Book for 3 Months

1 Book for 6 Months


1 for Over Night Only

1 for Over Night Only

1 for Over Night Only

1 for Over Night Only

1 for Over Night Only

*Note:  Students have to return the Reference Books whenever asked by Library.


  1. Circulation is available between the 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on working days and 10:00 am to 12:00 am on Saturday as first come first serve basis. *Books will not be issued on Sunday and Holidays.
  2. Student ID-Card is mandatory for Issuing of Books.
  3. Books issued will not be accepted back on same day.
  4. The users have to check the book and ensure that it is intact, before borrowing. If the book is found damaged, the borrower has to replace the book or pay the current cost of the book as per rules.
  5. Users must immediately take away books issued from the Library.
  6. Enter the details of issued Books/CDs on Checkout Register at Circulation Counter before leaving the Library.
  7. Books can be reissued in case there is no reservation against the book itself .
  8. The borrowing facility can be withdrawn or restricted in case of misbehaviors or misuse of the library.
  9. Books borrowed are non-transferable and should not be lent to anyone else as users are liable for damage or loss of books.


  1. Books issued against your library card are meant for your personal use. Make sure that they must be return on Time as per due date stamp mentioned on due date slip by Circulation Desk.
  2. In case Text Book or General Book is not return on stamped due date, overdue fine will be charged  as per library rules i.e.
    1. For first five days          Rs.  5.00 per day
    2. After five days               Rs. 10.00 per day
  3. If Reference Book is not return on due date, overdue fine of Rs. 10.00 per day will be charged.
  4. Please check your a/c regularly for any outstanding. Use your Roll No. as Username and 123456 as password to check your A/c for Fine and Overdue Books. [Kindly change your default password after first login].

NOTE: The Loss of Library Books must be immediately brought to the notice of Librarian in Writing.