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Jaypee University of Information Technology
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Rules & Regulations


This section in face of the library as library main counter is known as Circulation Counter or Circulation Section. This section extends issue and return facility of library documents. This section further responsible for generating membership, providing no-dues certificate, collection of overdue or other library fines. This section also extends document reservation service, sending reservation service related alerts and collecting advance payments of students for photocopy facility.

User's Privileges


Borrowing facilities are given only to the members of the LRC against the Non- Transferable Identity Card issued by the Institute to the member. Borrowing is permitted only through the Circulation Counter. The loan entitlement to members is as mentioned in the table given below:



M. Tech















Text Books











Reference Book(s): Reference book(s) shall not be issued to B. Tech students. One book to M. Tech students and two to Ph.D scholars will be issued for one week only.

CDs/DVDs: 2 (Two) CDs/DVDs will issue for two days only.

Journals/Magazines: Current Journals/Magazines are strictly for reference purposes in the LRC, and will not be issued to anyone.  If there is an urgent need, then the back issues of a few journals/magazines can be issued for over-night with permission of the Librarian.

In case a Journal/Magazine is lost from the member, double the cost of the Journal/Magazine shall be payable along-with a fine of Rs. 500/-.  Failure to deposit the cost of the lost Journal/Magazine along-with fine within two days, of the date of return, may result in debarring from LRC facilities.

Newspapers: Newspapers are strictly for reference and must be read without removing any page.

Rules for Issue and Return of Books or other Documents

  • Circulation is available between the 09:00 am to 08:00 pm on working days and 09:00 am to 04:00 pm on Saturday as first come first serve basis. * Books will not be issued on Sunday and Holidays.
  • Student ID-Card is mandatory for Issuing of Books.
  • Books issued will not be accepted back on same day.
  • A document issued may be renewed up to two times provided there is no reservation against it.
  • Re-issue of books is not allowed during the examination period.
  • The users have to check the book and ensure that it is intact, before borrowing. If the book is found damaged, the borrower has to replace the book or pay the current cost of the book as per rules.
  • Book(s) lost by any user/student must be reported to LRC immediately and replace with the same within two days from the date of loss.  If the book lost is not replaced, the defaulter will have to pay double the price of book/document or shall pay the penalty imposed by the Librarian.
  • The LRC can refuse to issue books to a member having unpaid dues.
  • Certain documents like reference books, textbooks, rare books, current & bound periodicals etc are intended to be used only in the LRC premises.
  • In special cases the librarian may authorize the issue of the any document, mentioned under the Rule ‘i’ above, to a library member.
  • Members are not allowed to borrow books on the card of another member.
  • Books borrowed are non-transferable and should not be lent to anyone else as users are liable for damage or loss of books.
  • If Reference book is not return on due date, overdue fine of Rs. 10.00 per day will be charged.
  • Members proceeding on long leave or on deputation etc. exceeding three months should return LRC documents that are borrowed.
  • Users must immediately take away books issued from the Library.
  • Enter the details of issued Books/CDs on Checkout Register at Circulation Counter before leaving the Library.
  • Students are suggested to check their a/c regularly for any outstanding. They can use their Roll No. as Username and 123456 as default password to check A/c for Fine and Overdue Books. (Students are requested to change their default password after first login.)

Rules for Book Reservation

Book(s) can be reserved if required. However, the LRC will not keep the book reserved for more than half day, and thereafter, the same book will be issued to the next student in waiting.

Overdue Charges

  • Books must be returned at the Circulation Counter on or before the due date.  Failure to return the book(s) in time shall entail a fine @ Rs. 5/- per day per book. After five days the overdue charges would be calculated @ Rs. 10/- per day per book.
  • Overdue fine for reference books would be calculated on Rs.10/- per day from the day one.
  • The Librarian can recall any book(s), issued to any one, at any time to meet urgent demand.  If the book is not returned to meet the urgent demand a fine of Rs. 50/- per book per day shall be imposed.
  • To encourage reading habit Librarian can waive off over due fine imposed on students.

Charges for Lost Book

User needs to pay double of the latest price of the book. The latest price can be taken from the latest catalogue of the books or from publisher’s website.  The overdue fine will also be charged wherever applicable.

Stealing Library Book

  • Students caught first time for stealing of library book will be charged a penalty of Rs.500.00 with one month suspension of library membership. The student caught second time for stealing a library book will be fined a penalty of Rs. 1000.00 with suspension of library membership for three months.  A strict action will be taken for third time offender and he/she needs to bear penalty of Rs.5000.00 with permanent suspension of library membership.
  • In case of stealing or defacing any magazine the penalty shall be Rs.1000.00 with double of the issue price with three months suspension of library membership. The penalty shall be doubled if student caught second time for stealing any issue of periodical.

Loss of Identity Card

Loss of Identity Card must be reported immediately to LRC in writing. For issue of a duplicate card, member needs to get in touch with Admin department of the University. The member who has lost the Identity Card shall be held responsible for all the books/journals issued on the lost card.

General Rules

  • Student must carry his/her Identity Card while using the library. 
  • All library users must enter their details on ‘user register’ laying at the entrance of the LRC.
  • Personal book/s can be allowed in the library, provided that you must enter the details of books into the register, kept at Library gate.
  • Borrowed books must be returned on time to avoid overdue fine.
  • Keep your bags, books and other reading materials at the property counter outside the library.   LRC will not be responsible for loss of property. Do not bring any valuables in the library.
  • Talking in the library is strictly prohibited. If anybody found talking he/she may be asked to leave the library.       
  • Keep your Identity Card always with you and produced whenever asked for.  Identity card is mandatory for borrowing books. No Books shall be issued without this valid card.  
  • The Student must insure the condition of books issued on his/her name. If any book found turned mutilated he/she will be responsible for that.
  • If any students found indulge in tearing, cutting, mutilating or damaging any book(s), Journal(s), Magazine(s), Newspaper(s), he/she dealt seriously and will be fined heavily.        
  • Any loss of books must be brought in to the notice of the Librarian in written. The lost book(s) must be replaced with new edition of same title along with the fine within seven working days after the notification. Failure of which, user needs to pay double of the latest price of the book along with overdue fine, if any.
  • Use of Mobile Phone in library is strictly prohibited and if found it will be confiscated.            
  • Photocopy Facility available in the library at Rs. 1:00 Per page.
  • Users are expected to formal dresses while visiting the library no shorts, undershirts and slipper etc are allowed.
  • Please visit the library website http://www.juit.ac.in/lrc/home and notice board for more details of new services provided by library time to time.
  • If you unable to locate any book in the library, you must seek help of the library staff.
  • If you do not find any book on the rack, but details available in the catalogue (OPAC), bring into the notice of the library staff, they will help you to trace the book.
  • Do not replace any book on shelve yourself, please keep book aside of rack or on table after reading. Library staff will re-shelf it on its designated place.
  • The students are advised to replace the magazine, journal and newspaper at its designated place after reading.
  • All the books on shelves are arranged in accordance with call number, do not disturbed shelving of the books.
  • Do not write anything on the furniture, or disturb the furniture fitting, it will create problem for others after you.
  • Do not remove LAN cable, power cable or any accessory attached to computer terminals, if noticed you may be penalized for it.
  • Computer and Internet in library are meant for Academic works only, playing games, listening music, watching movies will be dealt seriously.
  • Books can be search on OPAC Computers available at each floor. Do not close the OPAC window/shut down or restart the OPAC computer the end of your search. OPAC computers can not used to access other files, folders etc. except the OPAC details. Don’t use your Pen Drive etc. Any kind of ‘Personal Use’ in the machine (PC) is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not remove LAN cable, power cable or any accessory attached to computer terminals and scanners. If noticed you may be penalized for it.
  • For any further information contact at Circulation Desk/Librarian.

Students violating the above mentioned LRC Rules or found guilty by the LRC Staff, his/her LRC Membership will be suspended and also debarred from LRC facilities with immediate effect.

All users of the LRC are requested to make themselves familiar with the LRC rules and procedures in order to make the fullest use of the LRC facilities. The cooperation of the user is earnestly solicited in the observance of the LRC rules. Full co-operation to help the users to get the books and information efficiently and effectively is ensured. In case of any problem the user may see the Librarian. Your suggestions towards making the LRC facilities more useful are always welcomed.