2023 Seventh International Conference on Image Information Processing (ICIIP-2023)
IEEE Conference Record Number #61524

2023 Seventh International Conference
Image Information Processing
(ICIIP -2023)
November    22 - 24, 2023
Jaypee University of Information Technology
Waknaghat, District Solan, Near Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA

Conference Tracks

The topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following :

Medical Image Data Analytics

Image segmentation, registration, classification, computer aided diagnosis (CAD), quantitative image analysis, radiomics and radiogenomics, deep learning in medical imaging, image guided therapy, image based biomarker discovery, imaging genomics, visualization techniques in medical imaging, image reconstruction and processing, image quality assessment and enhancement, medical image fusion, multimodal medical image analysis, motion analysis in medical imaging, Image based modelling and simulation, clinical decision support systems, patient specific medical image analysis.


Image Processing for Urban Planning

Object detection and recognition in urban environments, Land use and land cover classification, Building extraction and reconstruction, 3D modeling and visualization of urban environments, Change detection and monitoring, Urban growth modeling and prediction, Terrain analysis and feature extraction, Environmental monitoring using remote sensing data, Geospatial data analysis and visualization, Traffic flow analysis and management, Smart city applications using image processing, Crowd analysis and management, Land use planning and management using image processing, Urban energy analysis and management, Social media analysis for urban planning, Emergency response planning using image processing, Sustainable urban planning using image processing, Urban water management using image processing, Urban agriculture analysis and management, Urban air quality monitoring using image processing.


Computational Photography & Applications

High dynamic range (HDR) imaging, Image stitching and panorama creation, Image denoising and deblurring, Computational imaging for low-light and night-time photography, Image enhancement and restoration, Depth estimation and 3D reconstruction, Light field imaging and refocusing, Computational zoom and focus, Computational photography for mobile devices, Augmented and virtual reality applications using computational photography, Computational photography for surveillance and security, Computational photography for art and visual effects, Computational imaging for medical applications, Image compression and optimization, Computational imaging for scientific and industrial applications, Computational photography for underwater imaging, Computational photography for aerial and satellite imaging, Computational photography for cultural heritage preservation, Computational photography for sports and action photography, Computational photography for computational displays.



Multimedia Systems & Applications

Video coding and compression, Multimedia streaming and delivery, Multimedia databases and retrieval, Multimedia networking and communication, Multimedia synchronization and presentation, Multimedia security and copyright protection, Multimedia content analysis and understanding, Multimedia content creation and authoring, Multimodal human-computer interaction, Virtual and augmented reality systems, 3D multimedia systems and applications, Gaming and entertainment multimedia systems, Medical multimedia systems and applications, Education and e-learning multimedia systems, Multimedia systems for cultural heritage preservation, Social multimedia systems and applications, Mobile and wearable multimedia systems, Multimedia systems for smart cities, Multimedia systems for autonomous vehicles, Multimedia systems for environmental monitoring and analysis.


Digital Image Forensics & Security

Image authentication and integrity verification, Image forgery detection and localization, Image tampering detection and localization, Image source identification and verification, Steganography and steganalysis, Watermarking and robustness, Anti-forensic techniques and countermeasures, Digital camera identification, Image and video encryption, Multimedia data hiding and retrieval, Biometric authentication using facial and fingerprint recognition, Forensic analysis of social media images and videos, Digital image and video evidence in legal proceedings, Cybercrime investigation using digital image forensics, Image and video tampering in journalism, Digital image and video forensics in healthcare, Digital image and video forensics in military applications, Digital image and video forensics in law enforcement, Image and video privacy protection, Forensic analysis of drone and satellite images.

Computer Vision

Optical flow analysis, Feature extraction and matching, Deep learning for computer vision, Scene understanding and reconstruction, 3D vision and geometry, Tracking and motion analysis, Video analysis and processing, Face recognition and analysis, Human activity recognition, Gesture recognition, Medical image analysis using computer vision, Robotics vision and perception, Vision-based autonomous navigation, Computational photography and vision, Industrial automation using computer vision, Sports analytics using computer vision, Environmental monitoring using computer vision.


Pattern Recognition

Statistical pattern recognition, Machine learning for pattern recognition, Deep learning for pattern recognition, Feature extraction and selection, Clustering and classification, Support vector machines (SVM), Artificial neural networks (ANN), Hidden Markov models (HMM), Bayesian networks and decision theory, Ensemble learning methods, Dimensionality reduction and manifold learning, Pattern recognition for signal processing, Pattern recognition for image and video analysis, Pattern recognition for speech and language processing, Pattern recognition for biometrics, Pattern recognition for medical data analysis, Pattern recognition for natural language processing, Pattern recognition for social media analysis, Pattern recognition for financial data analysis, Pattern recognition for environmental monitoring and analysis.