2012 IEEE International Conference
Signal Processing, Computing and Control
March 15-17, 2012
Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat

Conference Tracks

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Signal Processing
    • Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing
    • Multimedia Signal Processing
    • Bio Imaging and Signal Processing
    • Magnetic Imaging
    • Signal Processing Education
    • Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems
    • Image, Video, and Multidimensional Signal Processing
    • Signal Processing for Communications and Networking
    • Machine Learning for Signal Processing
    • Adaptive Signal Processing
    • Fractional Transforms and Applications

  2. VLSI And Embedded computing
    • Reconfigurable Computing/FPGA
    • Network on Chip (NoC),System on Chip (SoC)
    • Design, Modeling, and Simulation of Digital/Analog IC.
    • VLSI Circuits and Systems
    • CAD for VLSI
    • Interconnect Modeling and Algorithms
    • Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems ( MEMS)

  3. Network and Communication
    • Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Quality of Service of Networks
    • Wireless Communications and Networks
    • Microwave Theory and Techniques
    • Antenna Theory and Design
    • Terahertz Communication Technologies
    • Information and Coding Theory
    • Cryptography and its Applications
    • Telepresence and Teleportation
    • Mission Critical Networking and its Applications
    • Body Area Networks ( BAN )

  4. Control and Automation
    • Instrumentation and Automation
    • Robotics
    • Robust, Adaptive and Resilient Control Systems
    • Control in Business, Management and Economics
    • Process Control, Failure Analysis, Yield Enhancements and Modeling
    • Networked Control System
    • Fault Tolerant Control System
    • System Performance and Reliability

  5. Nano Technology and Quantum Computing
    • Nanotechnology Imaging
    • Nano-device and its fabrication
    • Nano-material and Nano-circuit
    • Computational Nano-electronics
    • Reliability of Nano-devices and ESD Design

  6. Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks