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1.Race and Social Problems
2.Radiation and Environmental Biophysics
4.Radioelectronics and Communications Systems
5.Radiological Physics and Technology
6.Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics
7.Rare Metals
8.Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis
9.Reading and Writing
10.Real-Time Systems
11.Refractories and Industrial Ceramics
12.Regional Environmental Change
13.Regional Research of Russia
14.Regular and Chaotic Dynamics
15.Rendiconti Lincei. Scienze Fisiche e Naturali
16.Requirements Engineering
17.Res Publica
18.Research in Engineering Design
19.Research in Higher Education
20.Research in Science Education
21.Research on Chemical Intermediates
23.Results in Mathematics
24.Review Journal of Chemistry
25.Review of Accounting Studies
26.Review of Derivatives Research
27.Review of Economic Design
28.Review of Economics of the Household
29.Review of Industrial Organization
30.Review of Managerial Science
31.Review of Philosophy and Psychology
32.Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting
33.Review of Regional Research
34.Review of Religious Research
35.Review of World Economics
36.Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders
37.Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology
38.Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries
39.Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales. Serie A. Matemáticas
40.Revista Matemática Complutense
41.Rheologica Acta
42.Rheumatology International
43.Ricerche di Matematica
44.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
45.Russian Aeronautics
46.Russian Agricultural Sciences
47.Russian Chemical Bulletin
48.Russian Electrical Engineering
49.Russian Engineering Research
50.Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry
51.Russian Journal of Biological Invasions
52.Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry
53.Russian Journal of Coordination Chemistry
54.Russian Journal of Developmental Biology
55.Russian Journal of Ecology
56.Russian Journal of Electrochemistry
57.Russian Journal of General Chemistry
58.Russian Journal of Genetics
59.Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
60.Russian Journal of Marine Biology
61.Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics
62.Russian Journal of Non-Ferrous Metals
63.Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing
64.Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry
65.Russian Journal of Pacific Geology
66.Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A
67.Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B
68.Russian Journal of Plant Physiology
69.Russian Linguistics
70.Russian Mathematics
71.Russian Metallurgy (Metally)
72.Russian Meteorology and Hydrology
73.Russian Microelectronics
74.Russian Physics Journal