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Wired Access Technologies of Future: Turning Copper to Gold

Prof. Surendra Prasad, Former Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi





Wired, Wireless and Optical Access Technologies are all vying for space in providing high bandwidth connectivity to the user at his home or office. While each has its domain of prominent use, in the current and near future, these are all expected to co-­‐operate and co-­‐exist harmoniously. Wired access as a means to provide Gigabit connectivity to the customers at their homes or offices to take full benefit of applications like full triple play, or HDTV through Internet, is promising to play a very important part in this connection. This talk will focus on the recent developments in new DSL technologies like VDSL, and the evolving standards like G.Fast, which are making this possible. It will be brought out how Signal Processing continues to play a major role in state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art Wired Communication Technologies.