2019 Fifth International Conference on Image Information Processing (ICIIP-2019) , November  15 - 17, 2019
IEEE Conference Record Number #47207

Conference Policies :

  1.       NO-SHOW Policy

    • ICIIP-2019 implements NO-SHOW policy. All accepted manuscripts must be presented at the conference by an author/co-author(s). All non-presented manuscripts will be considered under “NO-SHOW” category. Once a manuscript is deemed no-show, it will not be sent to IEEE Xplore for further possible publication or other public access IEEE forums.

    • A non-author substitute presenter only in case of Indian participants will be allowed for a manuscript only under exceptional circumstances and must be pre-approved by the Conference Technical Program Chairs / General Chair(s). Requests for non-author substitute presenters must justify why none of the authors are able to attend and present and must certify that the substitute presenter (who needs to be identified by name and affiliation) will be able to satisfactorily present the work and respond to questions from ICIIP-2019 attendees. If the substitute presentation is not satisfactory in the assessment of the Session Chairs or Technical Program Chairs, the manuscript will be considered a no-show, irrespective of any prior pre-approval of the substitute presenter. 

    • No-show manuscript authors wishing to appeal the non-presentation notification must appeal by email to the ICIIP-2019 Technical Program Chairs (iciip2019@gmail.com) no later than 15 days before the start of ICIIP-2019, providing evidence to convincingly demonstrate that their absence was as a result of forces beyond their will and control or that an erroneous decision was made. Decisions on appeals will be made by the Technical Program Chairs based on the supporting evidence provided. Failure to meet the appeals deadline will automatically result in rejection of the appeal.

      Possible evidence for exceptions:
    • Medical documents

    • Death notices

    • Visa rejection letter, and/or

    • Passport holders or resident of countries: (1) Afghanistan, (2) China, (3) Iran, (4) Iraq, (5) Pakistan, (6) Sudan, (7) Foreigners of Pakistani origin, and (8) Stateless person are required to complete their documentation in consultation with MHA and conference organizes. In case, authors of accepted manuscripts from above mentioned countries are refused to issue of VISA then SKYPE presentation can be organized during the conference period.

  2.       Plagiarism Policy 

    • ICIIP 2019 strictly implements plagiarism and self plagiarism policy. Plagiarism found at any stage of manuscript publication will be taken as a serious concern.

    • Plagiarism and Excessive Re-use of Author's Earlier Material: The contents of the manuscripts should be original and must not be submitted simultaneously for consideration towards publication in another conference or journal. All submitted submissions will be checked by the iThenticate tool for plagiarism and self-plagiarism. Authors are also advised to use iThenticate or Turnitin to check the plagiarism in their manuscript.

    • Similarity Index Explanation: The similarity score represents the "cumulative" sum of similarity scores with all documents in the CrossCheck database.

    • Authors are advised to keep their similarity score well below <=20.

      Note : All the manuscripts having the Similarity Score well below 20 will ONLY be considered for REVIEW. Otherwise, the manuscript will be REJECTED SUMMARILY without any REVIEW and no notification will be sent to author regarding this.

  3.       Withdrawal Policy

    • Withdrawal of manuscript can be done at any time before its acceptance. 

    • Once the manuscript is accepted and acceptance mail has been sent to the authors then it can’t be withdrawn and the same will be published in local conference proceedings.

    • Authors willing to withdraw accepted manuscript need to discuss with conference chair.

  4.       Change of Author(s) & Affiliation(s) details

    • ICIIP-2019 strictly restricts the authors not to change their details or sequence of authors. All the submitted authors of the review manuscript must match with the final camera ready version of manuscript. In case, any difference or change of sequence is noticed at any stage of publication the manuscript will be considered as REJECTED and will be dropped from final proceedings.