About the Workshop

The field of management/social sciences research is very dynamic and evolving at a rapid pace. One has to be updated with the latest tools and techniques of data analysis for the meaningful research in the area of management/social sciences. Generating data is not a big problem but interpreting the information hidden in the data is a challenging task and it will become simplified if one has the knowledge of using the right tools and techniques for analyzing the data. It will not only provide a better result but also contribute significantly to the knowledge base and hence be useful for researchers as well as to the society. The job is simplified with the help of softwares therefore it is imperative for a researcher to know which software will be suitable for his/her research and how it should be used.

After conducting the seven successful workshops and training more than 150 participants, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is organizing the eighth Workshop on the topic mentioned above. The Workshop is designed for Practicing Managers, Faculty members and research scholars in the field of management/social sciences as well as to any other person who is interested in conducting research using Data Analysis for his/her area of specialization.

Since the research is best learned by hands-on, therefore the Workshop emphasizes on a “DO-IT-YOURSELF” approach. In the Workshop, the participants have to participate actively to understand different tools and techniques used in modern day management/social sciences research. The Workshop will definitely enrich the participants and help them understand their research problems with different perspectives and from different dimensions.