Electronics & Communication Engineering

Dr. Sunil Datt Sharma

Dr. Sunil Datt Sharma
Assistant Professor (SG)
( 91)-01792-239513
sunildatt.sharma@juit.ac.in, suneel.sati@gmail.com
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Biography :

He has received B.E. in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from Samrat Ashok Technological Institute (An autonomous govt. aided institute, Estd., 1960), Vidisha (M.P.) in 2005, M. Tech. in Embedded System and VLSI Design from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal (M.P.) in 2010, and Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology (JUET), Guna (M.P.) in May 2016. Now he is working with Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT), Waknaghat, (H.P.) from August 2015. Before joining JUIT, he has been worked at reputed institutes ITM, Gwalior, (M.P.), Samrat Ashok Technological Institute Vidisha (M.P) and JUET, Guna (M.P.). He also published his research papers in IEEE journal (science citation indexed) and other reputed journals. His broad area of research is “Signal Processing” includes, Time-Frequency Analysis, Genomics Signal Processing, Bio-Signal Processing, and Micro-Doppler Signature Analysis. He is associated with the professional bodies IAENG, IACSIT and IRED. He has organized and attended conferences or faculty development programs at various levels. He is also a reviewer of journals indexed in SCI/SCIE/Scopus/Web of science.


Ph.D.Guided (Award-01, Ongoing-03)

1. Research Scholar: Pardeep Garg (161002)

Title: Detection and Localization of the Hidden Patterns in the DNA Sequences Using Signal Processing
Status: Awarded
External Examiner: Prof. Ram BilashPachouri IIT Indore
Guidance: Sole guidance

2. Research Scholar: Mrs. Niveditta (191603)

Topic: Image quality analysis
Status: Ongoing (Final Stage: Work is completed)
Registered on: July 2019
Guidance: Joint

3. Research Scholar: Mr. Ravikant Sharma (216005)

Topic: Signal processing and machine learning for predictive maintenance
Status: Ongoing
Registered on: Feb.2021
Guidance: Joint

4. Research Scholar: Mr. Sandeep Thakur (228040002)

Topic: Signal processing and machine learning
Status: Ongoing
Registered on: Sept.2022
Guidance: Joint


M.Tech. Project Guided (03)

1. Study the application of the discrete linear chirplet transform, Jitain Sharma (Enrl. No.142002),2016, (Sole Guided).

2. Analysis of chirp and multi-component signals using signal processing methods,Vivek Thakur(Enrl. No.142005)2016, (Sole Guided).

3. Evaluation of Empirical Wavelet Transfors for Glaucoma Detection Using Fundus Images, Shilpa Kaushal(162004),2018 (Jointly Guided).


B.Tech Project Guided (11-Completed, 4-Ongoing)

1. Performance Analysis of Signal Processing Based Periodicity Mining Tools, G Rangta, S Mehrotra,2016-17

2. Identification of Secondary Structure Elements In miRNA Using Signal Processing Method, N Singh, RM Yennamalli, 2016-17

3. Implementation of a telemedicine system for rural healthcare, A Tiwari, R Vats, R Singh, 2016-17

4. Micro-Doppler Signatures Based Target Recognition Using Time-Frequency Analysis Tools, D Sharma, A Shubham, 2016-17

5. Diagnosis of Respiratory Disease using Signal Processing and Machine Learning, R Mittal, S Dang, 2018-19

6. Apple Grading using Image Processing, A Thakur, M Kumar, N Thakur, 2018-19

7. Structural Health Monitoring Using Signal Processing and Deep Learning,  K Choudhary, R Singh, 2019-20

8. Promoter Recognition in Human DNA Sequence Using Deep Learning, A Kapoor, U Sharma2019-20)

9. Classification of cancerous and non cancerous genes using Signal Processing, Anupam Shrivatav, Saumya Jajodia, 2020-21

10. Classification Of Audio Signals Using Short Time Fourier Transform, Ritwik Sood, Akhilesh Sapehia, 2020-21.

11. Analysis of Machine learning techniques for human activity recognition, Adarsh(181029), 2021-22.

12. Covid-19 detection using Genomics Signal Processing and Machine learning (Tentative), Anajali Ran(191045, ECE), Gaurang Khanna(191033,ECE),2022-23

13. Respiratory disease detection using Signal Processing and Machine learning (Tentative), Priya Verma (191428,CSE), Ajay Yadav (191422,CSE),2022- 23

14. Heart disease detection using heart sound processing and Machine learning (Tentative), Aman Kumar(191419, CSE) , Riya Verma(191425 CSE),2022-23

15. Classification of promoter and non-promoter DNA sequences using signal processing and Machine learning, Tarun Bhardwaj,(191361,CSE), Divyanshu(191382,CSE),2022-23


Open research projects on the following:

1. Signal processing, machine learning and deep leaning for analysis of speech, sound, EEG, EMG, PCG,ECG and  images

2. Role of signal processing, machine learning and deep learning for Non-Invassive Human Activity Recognition

3. Modeling and Simulation Using Labview/ Matlab/Python

4. Genomics /Proteomics Signal Processing

5. Artificial intelligence techniques for Genomics Data Analysis


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