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Prof. Dr. Vivek Kumar Sehgal

Prof. Dr. Vivek Kumar Sehgal
Professor and Head, Fellow IEI, SM-IEEE, SM-ACM
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Biography :

Vivek Kumar Sehgal (SM’18) received the B.Tech. degree in Instrumentation Engineering from SantLongowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (Deemed University), in 2000, M.Tech. degree in Process Control Engineering from NetajiSubhash Institute of Technology (Delhi University), in 2002, and the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Uttrakhand Technical University, Dehradun, in 2007-2010. He is currently Professor with the Department of Information Technology, Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P-India. He is member of various technical Societies including IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, Member of IEEE Exe. Com. Delhi Section, Computer Society of India, ACM, SIAM, and IAENG. His areas of interest include embedded processor architecture, hardware software co-design, NoC, Smart MEMS and soft computing for chip design. Dr.Vivek Kumar Sehgal is a member of the technical program committees for several technical conferences, and editorial member of IEEE Access and other reputed journals


  • Ph.D. (Computer Science and Engineering), Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun, India in (2007 - 2010). Title: Stochastic Communication and Packets Flow Control in Networks-on-Chip.
  • M. Tech. (Process Control), Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT), (Formerly Delhi Institute of Technology - a division of Instrumentation & Control Engineering, University of Delhi) in 2002.
  • B. Tech. (Instrumentation Engineering), Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology Longowal (Deemed University Est. by Govt. of India) in 2000.

Research Interests

  • Embedded Systems
  • Advanced Computer Architecture
  • Networks on Chip (NoC)
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Cyber Physical Systems, Industry 4.0
  • Deep Learning

Ph.D. Students Supervised:

Pardeep Kumar (2012) : Merit   Selection   of   Classification   Algorithms   for   Decision   Support Systems.

Ruchi Verma (2017) : Modeling for Crisis Management Occurred During Computer Mediated Communications

Dinesh Kumar (2019) : On Performance of Torus Multistage Interconnection Network.

Astha Modgil (2019) : Understanding and Analyzing the Impact of Memory Controller’s Scheduling Policies on DRAM’s Energy and Performance

Amit Chaurasia (2020) :Application Traffic Modeling and Optimization for NoC Communication

Ph.D. Students Supervising:

Ms. Abhlasha Rangra : Social Internet of Things

Ms. Nidhi Syal : On Design of Centrifugal Clocked Router in 3D Networks-on-Chip

Mr. Kapil Sharma : Optical Networks on Chip

Mrs. Harsuminder K. Gill : Context Aware Switching in IOT

Ms. Payal Thakur : Neuromorphic Cyber Physical Systems Design

M.Tech Students Supervised:

Anubhav Patric : Power optimization in Manycore Processors

Suchi Johari : Comparative Studies of Topologies in 3D NoC

Arvind Kumar : Mapping Algorithms for Networks on Chip

Ravi Shankar Jha : Data Synchronization in M2M Communication Through Cloud

Mukesh Kumar Tripathi : Establishing trust in cloud computing security with the help of inter-clouds

Keshav Kaundle : Network Architecture and System Designing in IoT

Mukesh Sharma : Security and Privacy Mechanism in IoT

Shrishti Kak : Heartbeat Monitoring Using Zigbee Network

Kapil Sharma : Enery Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks

Piyush Chauhan : Enery Conservation Using Dinamic Voltage Frequency Scalling

M.Tech. Students Supervising:


Undergraduate projects supervised:

2016       Intelligent Stick Navigator for blind persons

2016       Green House Monitoring using IoT

2016       SCADA implementation using IoT

2015       Waste management in smart city using IoT.

2015       Car security using IoT protocol.

2015       IoT based remote sensing.

2015      Electromagnetic lock interface through LTE network.

2014      NoC simulator for diffirent topologies

2014      GALS communication in NoC

2012      Bio Metric Password Protected Mail Server Design.

2012    RF ID Based Toll Tax Charging System.

2012    Mobile Gyroscope Controlled Surveillance Robot.

2012    Modern Control System Mapping on Networks-on-Chip

2012    Job portal with mobile alert.

2011    Piezoelectric generator for street light.

2011    GPS based controlled railway crossing.

2010    An embedded platform for intelligent traffic control.

2010    Electronic Energy Meter with Instant Billing.

2009    DELSIC: A Delay Simulator for Interconnect Circuits.

2009    An Embedded Application for Driverless Metro Train.

2009    D-Torus Topology in Networks-on-Chip: A Perspective Study.

2009    An Intelligent Water Management and Distribution System.

2009    Emergency Shutdown Procedure for Applications in Mass Rapid Transit System

2009    Peltier    Effect Based Solar Powered Air Conditioning System.

2008    Closed-form expressions for extraction of capacitances in multilayer VLSI interconnects

2008    Optimal Dynamic Routing and Flow Control in Interconnection Networks-on-Chip.

2008    Time-Domain Analysis of VLSI Interconnects Considering Oscillatory Inputs.

2008    Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger.

2008    An Embedded Platform for GSM/CDMA Controlled Surveillance Robot.

2007    RJ-11 Interfaced Embedded Platform for DTMF Based Remote Control System.

2007    Compiler design for 64 bit RISC architecture.

2007    Six Channel Data Acquisition System.        

2007    JUIT-Image Based Authentication System.

2006    Voice  Coded Stepper Motor Control.

2006    D25 LPT Port based Network Controlled System.

2006    Four Channel Embedded SCADA System.

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