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Dr. Hemant Sood

Dr. Hemant Sood
Associate Professor
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Biography :

My research is focused on various aspects of plant tissue culture, be it development of micropropagation technologies for different plant species, selection of genetically superior cell lines for various traits, optimization of tissue culture protocols for use in genetic transformation, development of cell culture technologies for production of phytopharmaceuticals in high value medicinal plants. I was conferred with Indian Science Congress Young Scientist Award in 2011 for my Phd research work.I have developed  successful micropropagation technology in my lab for 16 different plant species and others are in progress. I am presently focusing on sharing these developed technologies for endangered plants with farmers for improving their socio economic status. I have 03 granted Patent as lead inventor from Govt.of India in my credit. I was awarded with International Scholarship by the Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV) Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs which was availed at  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Granted Patent:

1. Hemant Sood and RS Chauhan . Patent Application No. 163/DEL/2009 filed in India on “A process of enriching the amount of medicinal compound, Picroside-1 in shoots of medicinal herb, Picrorhiza kurroa”. Publication Date: (06/08/2010). Journal No.-32/2010 granted by Govt. of India with Patent No. 295996 on 23rd April,2018

2. Hemant Sood, Varun Kumar and RS Chauhan (2012). Patent Application No. 551/DEL/2012 filed   in India on “Isolation and purification of Picroside-I and Picroside-II”. Publication Date: 14/02/2014. Journal No. - 07/2014 granted by Govt. of India with Patent No. 327618 on 18th Dec,2019.

3. Hemant Sood, S Gulati, S Bakshi, BS Sandhu,V Kumar and RS Chauhan (2013). Patent application No.362/DEL/2013. A Process of Preparation of Nutrient Medium Useful in Enriching Medicinal Constituents in Shoot Cultures of Swertiya Chirayita Publication Date: 29/08/2014. Granted by Govt. of India with Patent No.339128 on 23rd  June 2020.

Published Patent Application

1. Sharma Shivam, Hemant Sood and RS Chauhan (2012). Patent Application No. 1631/DEL/2012 “INDITECH - A NOVEL BIOREACTOR” Publication Date: 25/07/2014 Journal No. 29545

Author Publication Profile:
Book(s) :
  • Hemant Sood (2019). Analysis of Diosgenin Content and Pharmacological Explorations (Endangered medicinal herb Trillium govanianum) . : LAP LABERT Academic Publishing, member of Omniscriptum, Singapore . [ISBN : ISBN 978-620-0-30926-6.) ] . Google Search
Journal(s) :
Conference(s) :
  • Kiritka Thakur,Payal Thakur, Hemant Sood (2019). Optimization of Culture Conditions in Different Hydroponic Systems for Propagating and Hardening of in vitro grown medicinal plants.. Proceedings of the National Seminar on Strategies for Conservation & Sustained utilization for Biodiversityutilization for Biodiversity organized by Department of BT, School of Applied and Life sciences,Uttaranchal Univ.,Dehradun and Uttrakhand Science Education and Research Centre, DST( Government Of Uttarakhand) [Department of BT, School of Applied and Life sciences,Uttaranchal Univ.,Dehradun and Uttrakhand Science Education and Research Centre, DST( Government Of Uttarakhand) : 18th -19th Oct,2019], pp.-43p... Google Citation
  • Hemant Sood (2019). Biosynthesis and accumulation of medicinal compounds in different development stages of Swertia chirayita – the endangered medicinal herb of Himalyas. Proceedings of the International Conference on Recent Trends in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics” [Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat : 1-3 August, 2019], pp.49p-.. Google Citation
  • Hemant Sood, Satyam Singh, Rhythm Sharma and Rolika Gupta 2019 (2019). Effect of Polychromatic Light Emitting Diodes on micropropagated shoots and metabolite production in Swertia chirayita. Proceedings of the 2nd Global Conference on Plant Science and Microbiology Ecology organized by SCIENT GLOBAL CONFERENCES, at Dubai ,UAE [ Dubai ,UAE : 14th October -16th Oct.,2019], pp.-43p... Google Citation
Abstract/ Poster Presentations/ Invited Lectures in Conferences :
  • Sahil Kapoor, Shweta Saxena, Om Prakash Chaurasia, Hemant Sood (2019). Selection of elite chemotypes of Rhodiola imbricata by rapid and validated reverse phase high performance liquid chromatographic method.. Proceedings of the International conference on new age opportunities and challenges for quality, safety and GMPs in herbal drug development [23rd National convention of society of pharmacagonsy, : CSIR-NBRI, Lucknow : 22-23 February, 2019], pp.-.. Google Citation