Physics and Materials Science

Dr. Dheeraj Sharma

Dr. Dheeraj Sharma
Assistant Professor (SG)
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Biography :

Ph.D., H.P. University, Shimla, 2011.
M. Phil., Department of Physics, H.P. University, Shimla, 2003.
M.Sc. in Physics, Department of Physics, H.P. University, Shimla, 2001.

Teaching in JUIT since July, 2005.

Research Field:
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Conducting Polymers and Polymer Nano Composites.
(Structural, Optical, Thermal and Electrical characterization)

Author Publication Profile:
Conference(s) :
Abstract/ Poster Presentations/ Invited Lectures in Conferences :
  • A. K. Singh, Dheeraj Sharma, V. Hastir, N.K. Choudhary, K. Singh (2011). Variation of optical constant of spun cast polymethylmethacrylate thin film. Proceedings of the National Conference on Recent Trends in Materials Science [JUIT Waknaghat : 08-10 Oct, 2011], pp.-.. Google Citation