The quality of decisions that are facilitated by a Data warehouse is only as good as the quality of the Data.

Tobacco use is a major risk factor for cancer. Harmful alcohol use, poor diet and physical inactivity are other main risk factors.

Deaths from cancer worldwide are projected to continue to rise to over 11 million in 2030.

One in five Indian men dies between age 30 and 69 due to tobacco-related cancers.

Chemotherapy is used in treating cancer with the use of anti-cancer medicines.

Symptoms of cancer are: weight loss, tiredness or exhaustion, fever, swollen glands.

Cancer may be avoided by practicing a healthy lifestyle.

The sooner cancer is detected and treated, the better chances of successfully eliminating it.

Ninety to ninety five percent (90-95%) of cancer cases are due to lifestyle as well as environmental factors and the rest of the five percent (5%) are due to genetics.

There are more than 100 types of cancers; any part of the body can be affected.

More than 70 percent of all cancer deaths occur in developing and emerging economic countries.

Worldwide, the five most common types of cancer that kill men are (in order of frequency): lung, stomach, liver, colorectal and esophagus.

Worldwide, the five most common types of cancer that kill women are (in the order of frequency): breast, lung, stomach, colorectal and cervical.


      This online resource for cancer patient, their families and caregivers is dedicated to delivering accurate and personalized information at a time of need. The CANCER CACHE is a clinical data warehouse that stores personal health records in electronic form i.e. EHR and is associated with a decision support system which will help the doctors , physicians and other health professionals to improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment recommendation decision making.