Events organised during the year 2016-17

Synapse Club organized "Incipere"- an event conducted, to welcome the students of first year to the Biotechnology and Bioinformatics family of JUIT. The event commenced with a welcome note and Lamp Lighting followed by an addressal by Dr. Saurab Bansal, Faculty Coordinator of 'Synapse'. The students were informed of the History of Synapse and a video was shown through which they were introduced to the working of the Club and the events conducted by it in previous years. A hilarious skit titled 'Biotech Baba' was then presented by the second year students, which sent everyone, students and faculty alike, into fits of laughter. Also, many were facilitated for their outstanding achievements in various activities organised in and outside the university. Dr. Rajinder Chauhan, Dean Biotechnology and Head of the Department BT and BI, then formally welcomed the newbies and spoke at length about how 'Synapse' has always been integral to our Department. A soulful instrumental performance by the band 'Rough sketch' then enthralled the audience. Vote of Thanks was given by Bishal Parasher, the former president of Synapse Club who explained in essence what it means to be a member of the Club. The event concluded with an after-movie followed by 'High Tea' after which all the students interacted with the first years in an informal session.

The Career team of Synapse Club conducted a bio-based test series titled "Infinity" on November 28 aimed at enhancing the problem solving skills of the students. With the perspective of familiarizing peers with national competitive exams, the test was modelled after papers from GATE, CSIR NET, DBT and JRF which are the Gateway exams to higher education after Graduation. As many as 44 students from all years appeared for the test and bagged ranks on the basis of their score. The average and the maximum score was 10.15 and 19 respectively. Motivated by the positive response "Infinity" received, the team plans to conduct these tests fortnightly and might even introduce another test series for CAT aspirants.

You may leave college at graduation, but the learning, experiences and relationships stay with you throughout life
With that in perspective, on 19th November 2016 the Alumni Affair committee of Synapse organized an online interaction session called "WEBINAR" for the second time, with one of our distinguished alumni, Miss Shivai Gupta. 'Webinar' is all about interacting with the alumni, asking about their experiences, new opportunities, primarily related to biotechnology and bioinformatics and how things can be explored in near future in various avenues in these areas. Students of the department showed up for the session making it quite a success but the presence of our respected faculties Dr. Saurabh Bansal and Dr. Hemant Sood further added four stars to the interactive event, conducted between 11:00 a.m and 12:00 p.m. Miss Shivai, is a beloved senior who graduated with her Bachelors in Biotechnology from JUIT last year. She went on to do her masters in the same field from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., U.S.A with a certification in Bio-Business. Currently she is working for the prestigious, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Some of the noteworthy questions asked her were:

  1. What is Bio-Business?
  2. How can we apply for MS in USA?
  3. Is there any scope of MBA in biotechnology?
  4. What are her future plans?
Our faculties also asked her to shed some light on the atmosphere for studies abroad. Not surprisingly, she answered all the questions in a very articulate and satisfying manner. When asked about her future plans she said "I am preparing to give GRE once again and then I would apply for PhD programs". In totality, the essence of the event to gain knowledge on future prospectives abroad and the technicalities involved was retained till the very end, all credit to the interactive audience and the able speaker!

On 29th September, the "Voice for BT", a public speaking contest was organized jointly by the Novozymes and Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE), India. All UG/PG students and faculty of the Department of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics, Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat attended the event. Young and confident final year Biotech students from various institutes of North India gathered to articulate the key role Biotechnology has in solving some of the most challenging problems that the nation and the world is facing in the recent times. The event started off with Lamp Lightening and a melodious prayer, followed by a welcome note by Mr. G. S. Krishnan, regional President, Novozymes and an inaugural speech by Vice Chancellor Prof. Vinod Kumar. Mr. Narayanan Suresh, COO, ABLE was also called upon to explain the role of Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE) and its activity in the Biotechnology industry. In all 16 speakers took part enthralling the audience with their powerful visions and an impressive range of ideas and facts on some major issues that need immediate attention. Topics included: 'Biofuels', 'Nutrition and food for all' and 'Water Conservation'. Participants put their best foot forward with every speech being followed by thunderous applauds.

Inquisitiveness galored through the halls of JUIT on 26 November 2016 as students displayed their Bio-models at the Biomodelling contest organized by Synapse club. The 16 participating teams were given a span of 1 month to create their bio based models and displayed an amalgam of creativity and unconventional thinking. The teams were judged on presentation skills, concept, technicality, aesthetic appeal, application of interbranch knowledge and creativity. Mrs. Poonam Sharma, Mrs. Meenakshi and Mr. Jata shankar were part of the judging team. Akash Luthra bagged first prize and the runner ups were Aakriti and Suchita, while Harshita and Shubhangi went on to win the third position. Winners were awarded with certificates and discount coupons, with this the exuberant and enlightening competition reached its conclusion.

A fortnight long competition of producing alcoholic beverage i.e. Wine was one of the biggest and most celebrated event organised by SYNAPSE. Out of 55 teams who showed their interest in the cidering, only 15 people come out to be luckiest person based on their intellects, who finally got a chance to cider. The wine produced was tasted by Sommelier and the best out of it was awarded.

Outreach program organized a "Coding Workshop" to help BT and BI students in the discipline of Computer Programming. The workshop was was conducted by outreach coordinator Siddhant Kalra for first year BT/BI students with the aim to develop problem solving ability using C coding.

On the 7th Feb;17 "Outreach" program organized an industrial trip for fifty six first years accompanied by faculty coordinator Dr. Saurabh Bansal. The visit was to Minchys, situated in Sadhupul, Himachal Pradesh. The visit started in early hours of a working day by college bus. The students were taken to the filtration unit first. Within the industry premises Mr. Virender took charge and taken the group into manufacturing unit around noon and briefed up the introduction about the industry and as well as the number of production lines. Minchys has a wide array of products, ranging from the thirst quenching fruit juices to pickles, from squashes and crushes to jams and wines. The unit also comprises of testing lab for ensuring the quality and taste of the final products up to the standards. The students were mentioned about the entire activities happening in plants like washing and making of bottles, filling, capping, labeling, filtration, sterilization and packaging. The students also learned how an automated industry function with all stringent hygienic conditions maintained and using traditional techniques. The visit was an enriching experience for students in getting live exposure of manufacturing which can help them in internships and further career enhancements.