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Technology Transfer/ Extension

Awareness and Exposure Visit of Farmers To JUIT Waknaghat for their Socio-economic Improvement
Organised at JUIT in collaboration with DST-SYST Funded Project On “Socio-Economic Upliftment of High Altitude Farmers of Himachal Pradesh Through Transfer of Micropropagation Technologies for High Value Medicinal Herbs” On 25th and 26th December, 2018 Coordinator: Dr. Hemant Sood
Five farmers of The Phati Jana Cooperative Agriculture Service Society, Village Archandi, Kullu of Himachal Pradesh visited Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics for Awareness and Exposure visit for improving their socioeconomic status and exploring future avenues for themselves and for their society members. They have reached JUIT on 25th December and in the evening media preparation was carried out for demonstration of plant tissue culture techniques. On 26th they were informed about basics of plant tissue culture and different ways of carrying out micropropagation of medicinal plants. They were demonstrated with plant tissue culture techniques in Plant Tissue Cultutre Lab of the Department of BT &BI. Afterwards they have carried out transplantation of tissue culture plants in the glass house of the department. They were taken to High end instrumentation lab where they were informed about quantification of medicinal compounds for the quality assurance of medicinal plants. They have visited other labs and finally taken to Biogas plant near mess area, where Mr Karam Das has provided the information about the digester and modes of producing Biogas with high efficiency protocols. Farmers were highly amazed and have quite satisfying feedback with this exposure visit and they requested for summer trainings. Dr Hemant Sood, Associate professor in the Department of BT&BI, Jaypee University Of Information Technology, Waknaghat has coordinated this visit along with Rolika Gupta(PhD Scholar). HOD & Professor (Dr) Sudhir Syal and JUIT administration and DST were deeply acknowledged for this visit.