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Established under H.P. Legislative Assembly Act No. 14 of 2002
and Approved by UGC under section 2(f)

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Outreach Team

There is no specific team as many faculty members have represented it for JUIT but Dr. Sudhir Kumar has taken a serious initiative and coordinated almost all the events. He is supported by Dr. Tiratha Raj Singh and Dr. Navin Jaglan in almost all the activities. Other faculty and staff members from BT/BI, CE, CSE, ECE, and PMS were also present in many activities. Here are name of faculty members and lab staff, who were part of one or more events:

Dr. Sudhir Kumar

Dr. Tiratha Raj Singh

Dr. Navin Jaglan

Dr. Ragothaman Yennamalli

Dr. Ragini Raj Singh

Dr. Rahul Shrivastava

Dr. Anil Kant

Dr. Meenakshi Sood

Dr. Shruti Jain

Dr. Ashish Kumar Rohilla

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Singh

Dr. Vineet Sharma

Dr. Poonam Sharma

Mr. Ismail Siddiqui

Mr. Baleshwar

Mr. Abhishek

Mr. Kamlesh

Mr. Pramod

Mr. Dhirendra