National Symposium on Computational Systems Biology

NSCSB - 2016

March 18-20, 2016

Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
Jaypee University of Information Technology(JUIT), Waknaghat, Solan, H.P.

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The goal of systems biology is to provide a system-level understanding of biological systems by unveiling their structure, dynamics and control methods. The intrinsic multi-scale nature of these systems, in space, in organization levels, and in time, makes extremely difficult to model all of them in a uniform way. Furthermore such models are often not easily amenable to formal analysis and simulation at the organ or even the cell level is frequently impractical. Hybrid modeling techniques, combining discrete and continuous processes, are gaining more and more attention in systems biology, and they have been applied to successfully capture the behavior of several complex biological systems, ranging from genetic networks, signaling pathways, metabolic pathways, and various disease specific pathways. This lecture series aims at networking scientists working in the area of computational systems biology to apply hybrid modeling approaches to solve the mystery of biological systems, in order to discuss about achieved goals, current challenges and future possible developments. This programme is meant to initiate students and young researchers into the interdisciplinary field of Computational Biology. The lectures will give overview of the area for beginners and also expose them to the frontier areas in Computational Systems Biology. Students from the region are particularly encouraged to apply.

Topics to be covered

Biological Networks, Protein protein interactions, Signal transduction pathways, Metabolic Pathways, Network Motifs, Computational models for biological systems and their simulations, Statistical techniques for biological network analyses, biological networks and their role in myriad of plant and human diseases .

About JUIT

JUIT is spread over 25 acres of lush green picturesque slopes of Waknaghat, in District Solan of Himachal Pradesh, creating a tranquil environment that can heighten the spirit and energy level of all learners and inspire them to optimize their learning efforts.





  • Dr. Alok Bhattacharya, JNU, New Delhi
  • Dr. Debasis Mohanty, NII, New Delhi
  • Dr. G.P.S. Raghava, IMTECH, Chandigarh
  • Dr. Somdatta Sinha, IISER, Mohali
  • Dr. Suresh Sharma, PU, Chandigarh
  • Dr. Debasis Das, IGIB, New Delhi
  • Dr. Vinod Scaria, IGIB, New Delhi
  • Dr. Vikram Singh, CUHP, Dharmashala
  • Dr. Pritish varadwas, IIIT, Allahabad


Dr. Tiratha Raj Singh


  • Prof. (Dr.) S.C. Saxena, Vice Chancellor
  • Brig. (Retd.) Balbir Singh, Director Administration
  • Dr. Samir Dev Gupta, Director Academic
  • All Deans, JUIT
  • All HODs, JUIT


  • Dr. Rajinder Singh Chauhan, Chairman
  • Dr. Somdatta Sinha
  • Dr. Tiratha Raj Singh
  • Dr. C. Rout
  • Dr. Harish Changotra
  • Dr. Jata Shankar
  • Dr. Ragothaman Yennamalli
  • Dr. Jayashree Ramanna
  • Dr. M. Udayabhanu

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