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Established under H.P. Legislative Assembly Act No. 14 of 2002
and Approved by UGC under section 2(f)

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Biotechnology and Bioinformatics


Dr. Garlapati Vijay Kumar
Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)

Office: 2nd Floor, Vivekananda Bhawan, Contact No: 91-1792 239288
Email: garlapati.vijaykumar@juit.ac.in

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Doctorate in Bioprocess Engineering / Industrial Biotechnology and Biofuels (IIT Kharagpur), Master of Technology in Biotechnology with B.Pharmacy as Bachelors Degree. Grantee of Two Indian Patents and applicant of one International Patent, edited one book,  published  40  research articles in SCI Journals, 18 Book chapters, guided two Ph.D, 7 M.Tech & 9 UG dissertations and have communicated/presented at several conferences either as oral presentations or posters. Taken fellowships of A4U Postdoctoral Fellowship, Spain, 2011-2013; Institute Research Fellowship, IIT Kharagpur, 2006-2010; GATE - MHRD Fellowship, 2002-2003. Serving as an International Advisory Panel Member, Elsevier; "Review Editor" in "Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology"; Associate Editor” for “Academic Journal of Biotechnological Research”, IASR Publications; Editorial Board Member for “Recent Patents On Biotechnology (Scopus/SCI-Indexed)”, “The Open Biotechnology Journal (Scopus/SCI-Indexed) “, “Current Proteomics (Scopus/SCI-Indexed)”,“African Journal of Biotechnology (Scopus-Indexed)”, “Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science  (ESCI-Indexed)”,”, Reviewer for Science Direct and Springer Journals.

Research areas: Bioprocess /Biochemical Engineering, Microbial/ Industrial Biotechnology, Fermentation technology and DSP, Biofuels /Bioenergy, Biocatalysis, Environmental Biotechnology, Microalgal Technology, Immobilization Technology, Statistical modeling and optimization, Evolutionary optimization techniques.

GS citations: 1204GS h-index:  18GS i10- index24 

Scopus citations: 787Scopus h-index: 15

Author Publication Profile:
2020 (7)2019 (10)2018 (5)2017 (12)2016 (5)2015 (3)
2014 (1)2013 (4)2012 (1)2011 (1)All

Book(s) :
  1. Rintu Banerjee, Vijay Kumar Garlapati, S.P. Jeevan Kumar (2019). OMICS-Based Approaches in Plant Biotechnology(1st). Austin. USA: Wiley-Scrivener. [ISBN : 9781119509936] . Google Search

Book Chapter(s) :
  1. Hardik Ramesh Singhal, Naresh Kumar Mani, Amogh Kodgi, Ninad Mehendale,Swati Sharma, Vijay Kumar Garlapati (2020). Miniatured Microfluidics Heuristics towards the detection of polluting molecules in the environment. In Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain, Handbook on Miniaturization in Analytical Chemistry (pp. 1-19). USA: Elsevier. [ISBN : 9780128197639] . Google Search
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Journal(s) :
  1. Surajbhan Sevda, Vijay Kumar Garlapati, Sunandan Naha, Mohita Sharma, Sreemoyee Ghosh Ray, Trichur Ramaswamy Sreekrishnan, Pranab Goswami (2020). Biosensing capabilities of bioelectrochemical systems towards sustainable water streams: Technological implications and future prospects. Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering, Accepted, In Press (Accepted, In Press), 1-10. Google Citation
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Conference(s) :
  1. Vijay Kumar Garlapati, Vundavilli PR, Banerjee R (2017). Optimization of Flavour ester production through Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm. Proceedings of the IEEE 2017 Fourth International Conference on Image Information Processing (ICIIP 2017) [4 : Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT), Waknaghat, HP- 173234, India : December 21-23, 2017], pp.1-4.. Google Citation
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Abstract/ Poster Presentations/ Invited Lectures in Conferences :
  1. Vijay Kumar Garlapati (2018). Given Invited talk on - Bioprocess Engineering aspects towards Biotechnological Products. Proceedings of the International Conference on Recent Trends in Agriculture, Environment and BioSciences (ICAEBS-2018) [Chandigarh, Punjab, India : Feb 22-Feb 23, 2018], pp.-.. Google Citation
  2. Vijay Kumar Garlapati (2018). Given Invited Talk on - Conversion of Waste to Biofuels, Bioproducts, and Bioenergy. Proceedings of the Workshop on Bioprocessing for Energy and Carbon from Agro Residues (BECAR-2018) [IIT, Mandi, H.P. : 23-24 January, 2018], pp.-.. Google Citation

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