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Electronics & Communication Engineering


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CL1:  Simulation and Design Lab.

Theory and App. Of Control Systems Lab (10B1WEC575) Devices & Circuit Simulation Lab (10B17EC471)
  VLSI Lab (10B17EC672)


ECL1: Basic Electronics lab.

Basic Electronics Lab (10B17EC271) Basic Electrical Sciences Lab(18B17EC272)
Linear Integrated Circuit Lab (17B17EC571) Electrical Sciences Lab (18B17EC271)


ECL2: Electrical and Electronics lab.

Analog Electronics Lab (10B17EC372) Electrical Sciences Lab (18B17EC271)
  Basic Electronics Lab (15B11EC471)
ECL3: Digital And Analog Electronics Lab. Digital Electronics Lab (10B17EC407) Digital Electronics Lab (10B17EC407)


ECL4: Electrical Machine Lab.

Electrical Sciences Lab (18B17EC271) Power Electronics Lab (11B1WEC671)
Electrical Machines and Instruments Lab (10B17EC371)  


ECL5: Communication Lab.

Analog Communication Lab (10B17EC473)  Analog Communications Lab (10B17EC473)
Comunication System Lab (10B17EC574) Analoge & Digital Communications Lab (17B11EC471)

ECL6: Project Lab.
Microwave Devices & Antenna Design Lab (17B17EC572) Telecommunication Network Lab (10B17EC671)
ECL7: Embedded Systems and Robotics Lab. Microprocessors and Controllers Lab (10B17CI407) Microprocessors and Controllers Lab (10B17CI407)
ECL8: Wireless Lab.    
ECL9: Research Lab.